Custom «Children and Technology» Essay Paper

Custom «Children and Technology» Essay Paper

Technology entails the submission of information to the realistic aspirations of human existence that targets alter and manipulate the human atmosphere. It employs the utilization of tools, materials, techniques and power sources to facilitate easy living and enhance efficiency in performing duties. Technology has been in existence since time in memory and it began influencing the human world as soon as the utilization of tools was embraced. Technological advance was at per with the industrial insurgency and the changeover of machines for human work force and animals. The impacts of technology range from positive to detrimental effects to the society such as water and air pollution and other unwanted impacts.

Traditionally, technology catered for the construction of structures, machines and apparatus on a comparatively enormous scale. The enlargement of materials for constructing skyscrapers exemplifies the use of technology during that time. As much as advancements in the construction world may involve chemistry and nuclear physics fields, the main objective of technology is to boost the human circumstance by exploring the best ways to tackle the matters of the world. The improvement of technological activity to be at per with the current lifestyle has employed the necessary changes so as to meet the human lifestyle standards. The relevance of technology also incorporates the novel techniques of thinking or new-fangled insights into the broad-spectrum comprehension base. Some of the applications of technology include: - computers, televisions, radios and the internet.  As a form of technology, computers have the ability to undertake duties such as fundamental thinking procedures that are much quicker in order to facilitate commerce and business efficiently.

The form of technology developed may be categorized into a variety of factions, which is determined by the branch of science from which the technology is gotten from. Some of the examples that pertain technology are nuclear, medical and computer technologies. Blends of assortment of fields lead to a wider range of technology, with nuclear imaging serving as an example of such blending. The use of technology cuts across all the generational ages and currently, even children have embraced the utilization of technology (Angela Costabile and Barbara Spears 56). Human life has been influenced in various ways. Technology is an essential thing to all individuals in life. In spite that important thing, technology has some detrimental effects particularly for children and may include: - the annihilation of the tender apprentices from learning the fundamentals of life.

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Impact of technology

Technology has advanced at an enormously fast tempo and continues to evolve swiftly. The modern- day children are exposed to technology at a tender age; they practically do not comprehend a universe that is not connected electronically or does not have digital apparatus. While technology has presented the society with numerous advantages in improving the living standards of humans, it has also impacted negatively the human population, especially children. The kids have been largely impacted since it is almost impossible for them to operate and carry out their daily chores without having gadgets such as iPods, cell phones, Cable tv, internet, iPad or any other upto-date technology. As portable gadgets are continued to be produced, the society’s potential shape is enhanced and consequently, the impact of technology on children advances to another new level (Jane Healy 89). The positive ways in which innovativeness has influenced the lives of children can be felt all over the universe.

Technology entails the provision of empowering effect to those who utilize it. In the case of children, innovativeness has prompted them to develop novel and better technologies that enhance good living. A lot of current technological advancements have generated excitement among the children and this has presented them with the opportunity to be empowered with upto-date information concerning the entire universe. Consequently, their relationship with the environment surrounding them has been boosted as they explicitly comprehend the environment better, thanks to technological advancements.

In modern society, computers have been employed as teaching tools for children. Furthermore, most product’s, both software and hardware, have been modified to provide learning and fun, which develops dynamism and excitement among the children to learn. This has been precious since it has augmented developmental gain knowledge (Sally Blake 302). The children are presented with the necessary tools to resolve problems ad acquire information, hence empowering them to learn autonomously.

The utilization of technology at home has enabled parents to spend more quality time with their children and this ahs boosted the relationship between the children and their parents. The parents are able to assist their children in performing school work and activity program. In addition, children who engage in video game playing tend to develop an elevated visual reasoning proficiency. The game allows children to process what they have viewed and form a solution. As a result of the technical image information, children adjust to multitask making them to be more efficient than their ancestors. The employment of technology has also eased the acquisition of information. 

The internet contains a lot of information that can easily be accessed rather than going to the library to read volumes of books. Learning spots in the internet are precious resources to students, teachers as well as parents. Technology has advanced the social network and communication in the universe. Children are able to make friendship with other people from different parts of the world through the internet (Diana Kimpton 86). Contact between the children and their parents is privatized and this permits increased positive communication. The use of text messages exemplifies the improved communication between the parents and their children.

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As much as technology has boosted the lives of children, it has also effected detrimental impact to the same children. Children are exposed to negative influence emanating from technological advancements such as the internet and television as they easily accessible and are available always. The media has embarked on generating fear in the society and whenever children are exposed to such instances, they develop a generally negative perception with regard to the society. This makes the children to develop traits that they decipher to be essential in coping up with the negative society when in the real sense, they end up creating unsocietal behavior.

The society is currently engaged in tackling issues such as childhood obsession to the internet, obesity, and the means of preventing the children from predators who are mostly associated with the internet. In some instances, it is believed that technology has greatly contributed to the moral decadence in the society, especially with regard to children. As much as parents fear letting their children to go out and play, the substitution technological devices is proving to be more detrimental (Madeline Levine 166). The internet has made the accessibility of lewd material to be easy and when not checked, children utilizing the internet are exposed to such material and even go to the extend of downloading them. Habitually, parents taught their off springs on the bad behavior but with the advancement in technology, children no longer comprehend that downloading movies and music from the internet is illegal.

Technology has encouraged laziness among children who, for the larger portion of their life, have been utilizing the computer to perform all of their duties including education. Another profound effect of technology is loss of the real touch of life as most children live in the fantasies encountered in the technological universe. Television, another technological device, has also contributed to negative impact on children. Programs that seem childlike and educational are also causing problems. The television contain inappropriate material as programs meant for kid also portray girls of tender age in a provocative manner in terms of their dressing code and show teenagers involved in dating relationships. The behaviors showed in television such as violence, selfishness, lying, mouthing off and parental disobedience influence the overall behavior of the children as they imitate these behaviors (David Atkin and Lin Carolyn 234). Most of the children who, for a large part of their time, engage in watching violent programs in the television, tent to become vulnerable to violent messages and images.

The concept of education has been altered since the programs showed entail children participating in activities such as wild animal saving and other forms of good-Samaritan activities. At first, all these activities seem fine until that time when the children become so obsessed with such activities, thereby absconding education. Moreover, excessive television watching may impede the improvement of language proficiency. This is because; language skill is best grown through connections and reading with fellow children, together with teachers, in play and dialogue (Geoffrey Caine and Renate Caine 207). Children get to comprehend and grasp language whenever other children aand adults interact with them as the children get an opportunity to express themselves and respond to the questions posed to them. In addition, television and computers does not engage the children into true dialogue hence causing the impediment.

The health of the children is another affected area. Television can impede school routine and learning when it impinges into the time children utilize for crucial activities that enhance healthy physical and mental development. These activities, which include: - reading, playing, exploring nature and participating in sports ensures healthy living and thus, the engagement of children in watching too much television interferes with this essential part of their formative tender age. Television viewing has become a noteworthy factor in childhood obesity development as it is a sedentary activity (Shalom Fisch 156). Whenever an individual views television, an instant feeling of relaxation is experienced but after watching, this feeling disappears. Contrary to this, children feel more energized after engaging in activities such as: - sports and hobbies. The irony of this reality is that a lot of children spend their free time watching television, despite the fact that prolonged watching is none rewarding as compared to the effects of participating in activities such as: - playing and exercising one’s hobbies. 

Additionally, television viewing encourages and contributes to the enhancement of weight gaining among the children through its aggressive advertisement of junk foodstuffs to the young generation, hence the development of obesity. Most of the food advertisements seen in televisions, including children programs, are fast foodstuffs, pre-sugared cereals and candy.  However, Commercials involving healthy foods constitute a very minor percentage and this has contributed to children adopting what they view in the television since they tend to believe it is the right thing (Don Tapscott 140). Most of these commercials involve large budgets directed towards manipulating consumer behavior, which mostly affect the children who spend a good percentage of their time watching television.  Taking a lot of junk food and not participating in physical activities is the main cause of obesity   

The modern media; -television, music, magazines, movies, advertisements and the internet, have barraged the children with sexual images and messages. As much as television can be a very essential tool in advising the children on the hazards of sexual activities, such information is rarely dealt with or mentioned in a consequential way in the series containing such. Children, on the other hand, will imitate such activities and try to apply what they viewed as a result of curiosity. The end result is the advancement of sexual immorality at a very tender age. The society’s general moral standards are depleted since the expected custodians meant to pass the right morals to the upcoming generation, are immoral. Another behavior mostly enhanced by the advertisements is alcoholism (Andrew Solway 43). Alcohol drinking has been given more priority as compared to healthy eating; therefore, children are given the notion that alcoholism is a cool thing.

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Technology has a profound effect on those who utilize it, especially the children. It being an extension of children and adult’s community and provided that a lot of children spend most of their time taken on operating and utilizing the technological devices such as television, the effect it imparts on children is enormous. The modern society has subverted children in living rooms and also, incarcerated them from physical and educational activities due to technology. To some extend, technological devices, especially television and the internet, have been assumed to take over the role of parenting of children. The society has ignored the impacts of such technological devices on children and this has exposed children to very negative influences.  Bearing in mind the content of the preponderance of technological devices such as television programs and the internet, together with the obsession of utilizing these devices, children are the most affected of al the population.

Therefore, the employment of technology, to a larger extent, has resulted into moral decadence in the society, especially among the children. Parents are expected to carry out their responsibilities diligently in order to curb the negative effect of technology and to ensure the proper up bringing of children. Furthermore, to attain success in the education of children, the teachers too are expected to limit the time and the type of technological forms the children are exposed to.

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