Custom «Causes of the Popularity of Internet throughout the World» Essay Paper

Custom «Causes of the Popularity of Internet throughout the World» Essay Paper

Internet is a global system of millions of interconnected computer networks using the standard Internet Protocol Suite. Internet is known as the ‘network of networks’. Though it is a recent phenomenon but still internet mania has spread through out the World like a wild fire. There are several important reasons that has prompted internet to become so popular even in the remotest corners of the World. First of all, the present time can be called as the age of computers and internet is only a component of computer systems. From offices to factories, to houses to hospitals computers are part of every where, and so is internet. In the very first place, internet is all about information; probably it is the largest source of information about all the subjects in the World. Every one can find out any information they are searching in the internet. Along with that internet is very easy to use. Only with a click one is ready to browse. And along with that internet is convenient. It is the one stop place for entertainment, communication and knowledge. One can contact with his or her friends with the click of the mouse, listen to numerous songs, watch videos and movies or even shop for his favorite t shirt only with the help of internet. All these aspects have contributed to the massive popularity of internet.

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Moreover, these entire aspects of internet have also made life easier for the general population in many ways. The massive popularity of internet has made it an integral part of the Governments and so people who are familiar with the uses of internet are using it to the fullest. Paying bills to ordering products, every thing can be done in the internet with so little hassle that many processes like e-billing, e-shopping have evolved and flourished. Many big multinational organizations are providing internet connections for general people along with many government backed organization. Different types of works, like payment of bills, submission of different forms etc have been totally converted to internet processes. In recent times banking system of all the developed countries and most of the developing countries are dependent on the internet. E-shopping has become a rage in the World. Similarly, different social networking sites in the internet have gained immense popularity in recent times. With the increase of popularity of internet advertisement is also becoming a rage. Many firms are now targeting the internet surfing audience for their primary market. Internet telephony is popular in many places.

In a very small time, internet has become one of the most used commodities throughout the World. Easy availability, easier to use and easiest to maintain, these three are the basic aspects of the popularity of internet. All these aspects have contributed heavily to the popularity of internet. Still internet is developing and adding up more and more utilities which make us believe that the popularity of the internet will rise more and more in further times. In a nutshell, we can say that internet is easy to use, it is affordable and fast. These are the basic causes of the popularity of internet in recent times. Internet has started new forms of social interaction and activities that were not there earlier. Throughout internet it is easy to find common acquaintances and communicate with people who live in distant places. In the first decade of the 21st century intenet has really changed the lives of the common people. Different terms like personal privacy and identity has been started. In many countries the internet service providers are trying to protect the copyrighted materials from being misused through the internet. There are several laws have been issued to control the use of internet and many sites that can be harmful for children especially. One of the most important aspects of internet is that from the inception process of internet it has been one of the most prominent leisure activity tools. Different types of social experiments have also used in the case. All these aspects and related affairs have really made internet the most popular medium in the 21st century and so it has been gaining popularity. It is believed that as the days will progress internet will also add more and more features and so the popularity of internet will increase in future.


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In my workplace, I have decided to introduce computers in a large scale. There are several effects of the decision, but ultimately it will all be beneficial for the company. There will be a number of computers that will be installed in the company. The first impact of installing computers will be the company will become update with all the modern techniques and aspects that were not present in earlier cases. Initially the workings of the company were mainly based on manual labors, and hence in recent times it lacked in production and all other production related aspects. To overcome the problems that appeared with the aspects we have decided to involve in the process. With the introduction of computers in the workplace the first thing will happen will be a thorough training for the workers who are presently working in the company. They will have to understand the working procedures of the computers and how the computers will help them in the final analysis. Computers are very advanced machines, and so they will be real helpful in doing works and doing it more perfectly. So, the mistakes that were common in the manual processes will not happen in computer processes.

There are a number of companies in my knowledge that have lain off a number of workers when they computerized the process. But as per my knowledge I am not going to lay off my workers. I do believe that at a point of time these workers had really worked hard for my company and they do not deserve that decision. But I will see that these workers will be trained in computer technologies and all other aspects that will be introduced in my company. Along with that it is very important to employ some new faces in the process that will be really helpful for the old workers in understanding the computers. It can be mutually beneficial. The new workers will tech the old workers the new working processes while the old workers will mentor the new ones in the complete processes that are going on in the company. This is really good for the future of the company. With the introduction of computers we can also introduce several new processes that were impossible in the older set up, and if properly planned these will be really beneficial and the revenue earnings will go up. As an owner I do believe that computerization of the company is a very good investment and it will have strong returns at a point of time. This is why I have gone ahead with the plan of installing computers throughout every where in the processes. Computerization is the most important part of the modern science and only then our company can compete with all the bigger companies in the World market.

Assessment of Present Condition:

I am presently working with a company which is in the Information Technology sector. The company is a leading name in the IT industry throughout the World and also has presences in several very important countries through out the World. Here I work as a project manager of a certain process which mainly deals with insurances of a company. In college, I have studied to become a system analyst and here in the job I have the opportunity to do what I have been studied in the college. When I just passed out from the college, the recession had just hit our economy and the job market was really bad. But I was really lucky at that point of time and initially got the opportunity to work with the company. The experience has been quite satisfying. There are several causes of getting the job. My academic results were quite good through out my career and it went to my favor. The job can be called as a life saver for me. I had loaned money for completing my college, and after getting the job I am able to pay off my loans in a regular fashion. Along with that I have also rented my own apartment in the city where I now live.

Apart from my developments in the personal field, the job has given me ample opportunities to learn about new things and develop in my field. It is a general saying that one learns the best when he is in a process and I can feel the truth of the sayings to the core. Initially I was recruited as a trainer system analyst. I had joined in an Insurance process and there worked for only two months. These two months can be called as my training period. After that I was transferred to another office where I also trained for some software based services. After six months of training, I was shifted to a different sector where I was given a permanent post. The six months training had been really wonderful for me. I have learned more things in the six months than I have collectively learned in my college. All these things have really helped in my job and I will surely tell about my seniors and mentors who have really helped me in the process.

Another very important aspect of my career choice is that there are a number of options left for me for climbing up the corporate ladder. When I joined the company, I was a trainee system analyst. But after six months I have been promoted to the post of a system engineer and also got a rise in my pay structure. If I can work well and the management is happy with my functioning they can promote me to the post of head system engineer for the process I am working currently.

There are also numerous risks that are involved in the process. I was recruited at the time of an economic meltdown and at that time I have seen that numerous people had been laid off from different sectors. As per the general predictions the meltdown can happen at any time so there will be always a fear of being laid off. To be free from that I have to find out some alternate sources of income so that I keep myself safe from the time. Also the promotions in the company are matters of chance, and in that case it will be important to search for better opportunities that are in the market. Keeping in mind all the aspects I will continue with my present job for the time being.

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