Custom «Car Audio» Essay Paper

Custom «Car Audio» Essay Paper

Entertainment has remained one of the most valuable things in life. Everyone wants to feel entertained at all times and anywhere, including in the car. Listening to music, watching videos or any other audio forms of records as Mp3’s is are some of the basic undertakings that are used to ensure that one is entertained. Many people opt for fixing car audio into their automobiles to achieve this. Despite the fact that cars usually have an already fitted audio system, some people go ahead to change it and fix new ones that they feel comfortable with. To many, music has been the driving force behind such efforts. Some people look for systems that are loud enough while others prefer installing systems that are cool in nature. This depends on individual tastes and preferences. Therefore, car audio systems have different characteristics associated with them. These characteristics or properties make audio systems either necessary or unnecessary depending on how people perceive them. This paper seeks to evaluate different issues surrounding car audio, in relating to its pros and cons. Therefore, it presents the issue on car audio in an argumentative manner, seeking to expound on unethical and the unethical issues associated with car audio systems. Finally, it will be evident whether car audio is necessary or not.

 Much is expected from evaluating the car audio topic. Firsts, a lot will be learnt in relation to what are the advantages and disadvantages of car audio of different properties. In addition, the best ways to install these systems will also be learnt, thus acquiring sufficient knowledge about car audio systems. The research will also educate on many issues associated with loud sound music. Some of the sources used for this research are talking about how to select the best system based on different reasons. This implies that they look at the good and the bad about different options.

The History of Car Audio

According to a motor website, Auto, the first mobile car audio device was manufactured in the 1930 by the Galvin brother s, Paul, and Joseph Galvin. The two were able to produce the pioneer gadget through the Galvin manufacturing corporation, which the co owned. This firs car audio device was a radio, named Motorola. A Blaupunkt in 1952 and latter by stereo and FM in the 1960s followed the Motorola radio (Unknown Author). However, according to Erb, attempt to integrate new broadcasting devices in cars begun as early as 1920s when portable battery radios were installed in cars. Iconic figures behind the early attempts include George frost, who adapted and installed a radio in his Ford-T-Model in 1922. Mass production of car radios started probably in late 1920s when companies like the American Mohawk corp. produced the Batt. 115-1926. Development of the car audio devices progressed through the 1950s when AM car radios were common (Kerry 92). The 8-tape player came in the 1960s followed by the cassettes in the 70s. The cassettes became more popular and wiped out the 8-tape players but to replace soon after by car radios that could pick FM signals.

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The FM car radios had fantastic sound qualities than the AM receivers. In 1984, two electronics giants Philips and Sony introduced the first ever car CD players, which was subsequently replaced by the automatic CD changers. During this period, the CDs were being used in cars together with the cassettes. However, the overall face of the car audio industry was revolutionized in 2000s apple introduced portable gadgets like the iPod, which could be fixed in a car (Kerry, 119). This was accompanied by rapid development of the complete audio system ranging from speakers to amplifiers. This cascade in developments of the car audio devices indicates that it is necessary to have them in a car. The efforts put in by various organizations cannot be used to justify the negative effects of car audio. This is because, at least it has been used for a long time meaning that its pros are heavier that the cons, thus necessitating the need have these systems in cars even to hitherto.

The Use of a Car Audio

Car audio systems are the best source of entertainment while driving or even for other people on board a vehicle. Most people consider having the best audio system immediately after they buy their cars, perhaps to ensure that they get the best in terms of sound quality. However, the biggest question remains whether ones need the stereo systems in his or her car or not. Since music is, an emotional phenomenon, one does not need to be a music enthusiast to enjoy it. This implies that one can enjoy music played in their cars, whether loud or indifferent. Therefore, the answerer on whether to have a car audio system installed is obviously yes. In line with this, not only music can be listened to while in the car. Other items such as news can be listened too. A car audio system serves as an information source tool. This is because it enables one to get different information. This can be used to mean that a car's audio systems should be treated as a necessity rather that a luxury because it acts as an information tool. However, it is worth insisting that music can be detractive at some point, the fact that it sometimes engages individual emotions is in itself a critical issue. This means that car audio may as well serve as an object that can interfere with alertness while on the road, especially when one is driving. In addition, not every one may enjoy the type of music played in a car especially for public service vehicles. This means that fitting the car with whatever music system is less weighty.

The cast that come along purchasing a car audios system is sometimes high. Therefore, there is the need to consider the cost before selecting a particular one. According to a complaints board, a car audio system is not something that one should spend too much money on. This because one may end up buying an expensive system only to realize they can help them anymore. Such eventualities are caused b lack of information while purchasing such systems. In addition, one may decide to sell his or her car sooner than expected. This means that the money used in installing an expensive system will have been lost in a broader sense. However, such effects can be shielded by including the expenses incurred into the price one intends to sell his or her automobile. In addition, the systems can be replaced with another one prior to selling, and latter reselling the system separately. Such possibilities may it necessary to install an expensive car audio system without the worry of losing upon resale of a car.

Most people have been victims of ignorance about why a car audio system in necessary. The cost of purchasing has dominated many people’s minds thus hindering them from utilizing the benefits that come with such systems. According to Gitundu, the question of whether to have a car audio system is an age old. This is simply because a car cannot be complete without an audio system. This is true because everyone seem to agree. The fact that all manufactures fix an audio system prior to selling cars is evident that it is insensitive to drive a ‘soundless’ car. If a car is designed without such a system, then boredom would be the order of the day when driving. Apart from being fearfully silent, a car lacks the psychological importance of learning from what we listen to. As already mentioned, music or any other audio information played may have an impact on our lives. Therefore, failure to listen to the inspirational music or talks can deny one a chance learns things that could feed their imaginations and result in some personal development. All these reasons support the view of why a car should have an audio system, whether ordinary or complicated. Contrary to this argument, not everyone will play suitable material in our systems. This means that what we listen while driving could be detrimental too. However, this cannot be in any way a substantial reason to assert that audio systems in a car are unnecessary. After all, the choice of the material to listen depends of individual choices.

Cost of Car Audio

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According to Doug Newcomb, Mike Mettler (p. 11), most people would prefer going for the most expensive systems. However, such individuals only come to learn of their inability to have the system due to the reality of their financial situations. Therefore, one needs to be fully aware of the financial repercussion of buying a system because some of them are extremely expensive. The price factor portrays the need to have an audio system fitted into the car irrelevant. This is because there are other cheaper alternative audio systems that are cheap compared to others. This means that one can choose to go for them and avoid expensive ones. The most notable thing is to hear what comes from the system and not how it comes out of the system. Cheaper options are thus the best options when it comes to purchasing such systems.

On the other hand, it is arguably true to say that, expensive systems are cheap. A crucial thing about car audio systems in that one does not have to buy everything at once. This implies that they can be purchased in turns, par by part until a whole system is assembled (Newcomb and Mettler 12). One can start by buying a head unit to power the speakers, followed by amplifier, speakers, and eventually subwoofers. This purchasing model ensures that one gets his or her car fitted with the best audio system without financial struggles. The reason behind the cost of installing an audio system in a car can be dissolved this way since one can take as long as they want to install a quality system. In fact, Newcomb and Mettler give an example of a guideline, which one can use to allocate and procure different portions of a system (13). The amplifier should cost about 40%, speakers 30%; head unit 20% and finally 10% should go to accessories. These allocations can enable one to pan well financially, and thus go progressively to a perfectly powerful audio system. Therefore, the cost should not be a bother and anybody should feel free to go for any system of his or her choice.

A costly car audio system may also attract unnecessary attentions. Some of the attention could be harmful while other may bring the feeling of pride. Some cars cannot even be driven on the streets because they are so much pimped with expensive items (Yoder, 1: Newcomb &Mettler, 12). This means that such car require a lot of security surveillance as it may attract the wrong attention; of course from thieves. For instance, considering a competition car whose amplifiers or even speakers are coated with gold, it is obvious that some ill-minded people will try stealing the gold. This implies that the audio system has served as a negative instead of a positive tool. However, Yoder posits that there is no need of buying too expensive systems that can increase e chances of being robbed (16). Instead, one should go for cheaper but efficient system that will equally serve well than the expensive ones. Therefore, the issue of avoiding installing superb audio systems in the cars because of the price and attention they would bring should not be a factor to say that they are unnecessary.

Some audio systems have security features that come with them. For instance, some have a removable head unit that can be carried in the pocket when the owner of a car is always or in dangerous environments. The removable head carries the basic control systems of a car meaning that it portability minimizes theft. In addition, modern systems have a security code, which makes them useless to anybody intending to use them without the security code. Although the two security measures are becoming less popular, more advanced security techniques are being developed to safeguard car audio systems especially the expensive ones. According to Yoder (17), the most convenient safety tool is using detachable faceplate. This is because its removal disables the entire system thus thieves will not see any value in the system. Such security applications make the systtems safe for use, meaning that installing tem should not be a problem.

Choosing a System for a Car

Many people value the aesthetic value of a car audio system as much as they value the sound. Therefore, there are other critical considerations to put in place in order to choose the best system. For instance, one has to understand the actual reason why they are going for certain systems. This is because the market is saturated with a variety of audio systems that can be used to serve a different purpose. Some are designed for fun while others are designed in more or less an executive design. According to Newcomb and Mettler, an automobile that is used to transport people should not go for a flashy audio system (12). This is because not everybody using the motor vehicle could be interested to viewing your system for any reason. Beside, no one could even ever notice it because its location is not conducive to the vehicle users’ site. This means that such automobile should be fitted with ordinary systems that are not shouting too much. This means that audio systems will be necessary in such a scenario, but the intended purpose has to be considered. On the other hand, a personal car has not deterrent reasons as to why they should not be fitted with flashy audio systems. This could be for enjoyment reasons especially when going for shows and other forms of luxurious outings. This crates a sense of elf satisfaction and fashion too.

Effects of Car Audio Systems

Since it is clear that car audio systems are meant to produce some sound, whether loud or not, it has some effects among the people. Loud noise can cause either temporary or permanent loss of hearing. This implies that the affected individual cannot individual may have lost his or her hearing ability completely, or can hear properly. Shockingly, either of this conditions could be result even one has been exposed to loud noise for any duration (Gelfand 63). This means that exposure to loud music can cause either of these effects. Medics have indicated that loud noise cause loss of hearing by damaging the ear stereocilia, a portion of the ear found in the cochlea, which harbors a critical fluid that enables hearing (71).

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Stressing of this vital structure by loud noise is responsible for the detracted hearing mechanisms of hearing. Car audio systems are some of the devises that can cause loud noise when adjusted to high volumes thus subjecting to ear damage. This is because some people prefer listening to loud music, oblivious of the biological effects it can bring. In addition, such loud sounds affect not only the individual in the car, but also other people are near. For instance, many people are likely to be affected when a single car in a traffic jam plays loud music. Unfortunately, sound cannot be physically blocked and will thus affect anybody within the areas it is heard (Vermeer and Passchier 125). Other health effects f loud noise include stress, tinnitus, vasoconstriction, and hypertension, all of which can be fatal to our lives (Gelfand, 70). Association of such serious conditions with a loud noise is just like suggesting that car audio kills, though indirectly. This may be used to mean that an audio system in a car is unnecessary. However, the biological damages such as those caused to the years are based on the sound characteristic of whether it is loud or not. This means that sound levels can be regulated, kept low and optimal, thus pacifying the biological assertions associated with loud music.

In some art of the world, the issue of unnecessary sounds coming from cars has been taken particularly seriously to the extent of stabling laws the control it. For instance, the United States Supreme Court has granted local authorities the power to restrict sound levels. This effort is mainly geared towards protecting people from different negative effects associated with loud music. This concern led to what was known as the 'big bass’ car stereo phenomenon in California, which began in the 1980s (Barnet & Burriss, 243). This was after it emerged that the higher stereo ordinances had high frequencies, which affected people negatively by causing annoyance and stress. Therefore, the law, which came into effect in January 1, 1990, made it illegal to operate a car emitting noise that can be heard over a distance of fifty feet. The issues of loud noise coming from car stereos were of immense concern to many people. This is because similar laws were formulated in the south, Midwest, and coastal regions of the US (244).

Although there is much concern on the effects caused by the car audio systems, it is incorrect to assert that they should not be installed in automobiles. The debatable issue remains whether they should be loud or not. Since there are already existing noise pollution laws in different parts of the world, the only thing that should be done is enforcing these laws. This means ensuring that the noise lees are fixed at reasonable limits and restricted to certain areas. With proper regulation mechanisms, it is will easier to justify why car audio device should be installed in automobiles.

In conclusion, the decision whether to have a car audio system or not is entirely based on personal preferences. However, having a sound system in a car is extremely valuable. It has a number of benefits ranging from entertainment to learning. Although car audio systems have the main disadvantage of being noisy, they cannot be ruled out as unacceptable. It is worth noting that the sound levels emanating from a car depends on the users. This implies that people should be help individually accountable to the noise, if they chose to put on music with extreme sounds. The assumptions of the systems are noisy cannot thus not be used to generalize inadmissibility of such devices in cars. The car audio systems have a rich historical background. This shows man has always wanted to feel entertained even when driving thus necessitating the installations of such gadgets.

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