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Advanced Technology

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Depending from the perspective of view, technology has raised some security issues. Advanced technology has brought about the development advanced weapons. Weapons of mass destruction are only attributed to technology. The already developed nukes in various countries, it is possible to blow up the world and leave nothing standing. This raises pertinent question concerning countries such as Iran, which is said to have links with terrorism, gong nuclear (Dong-Joon Jo, 1).

What about the possible proliferation of nuclear materials from the nuclear power plants which are being developed around the world. What will be the effects of the nuclear materials leaking? It took place in Chernobyl remember. By the help technology, nuclear submarines are a reality. These super vessels with an ability of staying under water have been reported colliding. In some instances, when they are fully loaded with the nukes (Dong-Joon Jo, 3).

Computer hacking has become a common issue. Identity theft is equally common. These two have led to loss of millions of American dollars. Young kids and youths have become immune to computer pornography. Is it possible that technology is equally putting the world in an immoral situation and worse still in a very delicate position where it can easily destroy itself?

Technology and its effects have far implications that can possibly be covered in this paper. It has been shown succinctly that technology has led to efficiency in various fields and in various aspects. This has made it possible for mankind to have a better lifestyle, with each advancing in technology, making life better. However, pertinent questions are raised with each advancing technology: the medical have cloning technology has moral questions to answers; mass communication technologies especially the internet raise pornography issues among the youths, the nuclear power generations raise proliferation issues. It is true that technology has done possibly done much to help raise the standard of living but the risks it has brought along can not be ignored.

Buy custom Advanced Technology essay

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