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Activity Led Learning

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Technology has been developed to enhance learning and aid in the use of design tools to work on modern electronic systems. The software developed has assisted in drawing electronic circuit diagrams also known as schematics; develops the circuits and stimulate their operation and hence saves time; and the designing a circuit board where it can be fabricated (Pratt, & Jarrett, 2001, p.71). In the experiments conducted the MultiSim schematic capture and simulation software was used and it has its unique features of an Ultiboard printed circuit board design package and is both from the National Instruments.

Using the software there were accurate and complete circuits are developed through design by allotting component designators. The aims of the session were to develop a working electronic circuit system and to test the electronic system. The purpose of developing the electronic system is to establish the ambient light level in Lux. In this part, illiminance and Luminous emmitance will be determined which will establish the luminous power for every area. This will be done by the use of a Light Dependant Resistor (LDR) which is a light sensitive device (Pratt, & Jarrett, 2001, p.74). Numerous measurements will be carried out on the same experiment to ascertain the results given that it may be affected by light conditions and resistance. The relevant diagrams will be drawn to illustrate the circuits developed.

In the second activity it involved voltage measurement of LUX theory; this was done in an electronic measurement system. This will involve the conversion of the measured physical quantity into current or voltage. Using the LDR it will be easy to convert from resistance to voltage in view of the fact that you use the LDR as part of the potential divider chain. In this part the value of R must be specified in the divider chain (Pratt, & Jarrett, 2001, p.77). The calculations will be based on the values given in the circuit. The records of the experiments i.e. the values observed must be recorded either in a log book or electronically using MS excel or MS word. This will aid in the calculations and test results of the work and experiments done in week one.

The experiments are progressive and will involve different levels where each experiment counts. The transducer signal processing which involves the potential divider of the output will be needed; this is so because there is need to compensate or increase the amplitude of the transducer signal before transmitting (Pratt, & Jarrett, 2001, p.82). There is also need to limit the effects of loading and the fix, which will be done by use of the buffer amplifier in the system. The data collected is important in determining the bandwidth of the LDR system which is in bits per second. The progressive experiments also involve projects such as the DC motor speed control transducer, a musical instrument and an optical signaling system.


The use of the MultiSim schematic capture and simulation software made it effective and efficient in working on the experiments. The Ultiboard printed circuits developed assisted in understanding the systems and make the calculations easy. They produced actual work after feeding the data in to the system. Since it is automated it would detect all the errors in any system and hence being able to rectify the system for uncomplicated calculations. The projects taken were successful, given that the group understood the circuits well and carried out the project efficiently.

The projects carried out helped the group members understand the schematic software better in that it developed an advanced system that is tangible and easy to comprehend. The progressive development of the experiments was also very essential given that each step was building a foundation for the next project. However, there is need for more practice using the MultiSim schematic capture and simulation software so that every group member becomes conversant with its operations.

Buy custom Activity Led Learning essay

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