Custom «A Computer Virus» Essay Paper

Custom «A Computer Virus» Essay Paper

A computer virus can be defined as a software program that spreads from one computer to the other and it interferes with the normal compute operation. It can also corrupt or delete data from the computer. Computer viruses can be disguises in form of funny images, audio or video files or even greeting cards. They also spread through downloads on the internet. To help avoid computer viruses, it is essential to keep your computer with updated antivirus tools. One should also be aware of the recent threats and the computer should be run as a standard user other than an administrator.

            There are three main types of computer viruses. These include; the Trojan horse, worms and the email viruses. Trojan horse virus is a virus appears like a program, which appears to have a purpose but in real sense, it has a very different purpose. It can appear in form of a picture file but ones you open it, you will have unleashed the damaging program on your computer.  Trojan horse viruses do not replicate but they spread automatically.

The worms on the other hand will affect any devise with a security flaw and one that is networked. It will replicate by itself using the security flaw in your computer. A copy of the worm gets to another computer with a similar security flaw. The process will continue and this is how the worms are spread. The email viruses use the email for their transportation. They are however similar to the other computer viruses. Some computer viruses are more dangerous in that once they get into a computer; they replicate and send the copies to the email address book.

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There are several signs that your computer has virus. The computer becomes slow than usual, it stops responding and it could frequently lock up. Your computer might as well crash and then it restarts on its own. The computer can also restart on its own as a result of viruses. You may not be able to access your drives including the hard disk. The normal printing becomes distorted and unusual error messages will keep on appearing. The dialogue box and the menus could also become distorted. In addition, the current antivirus program can be disabled or you may find difficulties in running it. It can also become difficult to install an antivirus program. Viruses could also make your computer to produce some unexpected sounds. Programs will also disappear when they were not intended to (Graham, 2006, p. 65).

An antivirus is used to prevent, remove and detect virus. Several strategies are employed for the antivirus to perform its purpose. Here is signature detection that involves searching for the viruses. It is important to get compare various antivirus products in the market since they do not all work the same. The benefits of a installing an antivirus in your computer are obvious given the effects of antivirus to your computer. The cost of the computer slow down are unbearable but luckily, we have modern antivirus software in the market that are of improved protection given the advanced technology. Today’s modern antivirus software does not require much maintenance from you.

Just like any other product in the market, antivirus are not the same and they all having their good and bad side. It is therefore important to compare different software’s before purchasing one for it to much your needs. The usability and effectiveness of an antivirus can either make or break the antivirus software. We have the top ranked antivirus software that is user-friendly and they offer optimum protection. The various antiviru softwares come from different providers.

The buyer should consider the scope of protection. Some antivirus give “360 degree” defence, “multi layered protection or 100% security and definitely some ant viruses are better than others. The best antivirus should provide solutions on viruses, Trojans and worms as well as protection against spyware, email borne threats, root kits and key loggers. Although they cannot provide total protection against threats, antivirus should protect the computers against many threats as possible.

The antivirus should be effective. The antivirus is usually designed to protect the computer, so if it does not, it therefore becomes useless. The results of an antivirus are checked using the industry standard security software testers. These are organizations of professional security. They help to find the best software in the market. The testers help evaluate the overall effectiveness of the antivirus software. The best antiviruses programs, in terms of effectiveness are ranked as below with their prices are ranked as follows.

                                               Price list





Bit defender Antivirus

$ 29.95


Kaspersky Antivirus

$ 59.95


Web root Antivirus

$ 39.95


Norton Antivirus

$ 39.99


Esset Nod 32 Antivirus



AVG Antivirus

$ 34.99


G DATA Antivirus

$ 29.95


Avira Antivirus

$ 23.49


Vipre Antivirus



Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus

$ 39.95


The antivirus software bought should be easy to install. Installing should not be a chore. Once you have installed the software, it should offer protection to your computer immediately. The process of installing in general terms should be easy. Once installed, the first scanning and the implementation of the antivirus should be an easy task. Although the antivirus software is complex, it does not require security degree. The software should not require maintenance every now and then and it should be flexible enough to do what you want it to do.

The antivirus should be up to date because new viruses are being discovered every now annd then in the signature database. However, the modern antivirus software updates itself automatically and they update fast so that your computer does not slow down your system. The security providers can a well “push” the updates to your computer directly as soon as they are available.

Some antivirus can scan sent and received emails as well as opened files. The software does not alter the capability of the host software to transmit viruses. The software must be updated regularly to keep it up to date in order to detect the latest threats. To prevent viruses from affecting your computer, it is advisable not to open any unusual files in your computer. In case you detect something unusual, it is advisable to run your updated antivirus. It is also important to scan your external devices like the flash discs before inserting them into your computer (Szor, 2007, p. 75).

It is important to note, before purchasing an antivirus, that the best software does not require reading the manual in depth to be able to use it. However, it must have a manual. Product support is provided online by the manufacturers in case of troubleshooting, specific questions or any other additional help. In conclusion, the antivirus to be bought should be efficient, effective, and easy to use.

Freeware is software that is available for use at no cost. However, it has certain restrictions in terms of usage rights. The rights to copy, modify, distribute or make derivation of the software. A good example of a freeware is Firefox. The license may also restrict the type of use of the software for example, non-commercial use, academic use, military use and several other restrictions.

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The software license can also impose restrictions such as restricted use on a server, restricted use over a network among others.  Many freeware products are provided by commercial developers who provide other products with advanced features, but specifically for sale. Freeware is treated as a promotional product. BBEdit and Text Wrangler are examples of freeware. Since freeware cannot depend completely on commercial promotion, the internet becomes the best source for freeware information. There are also several newspapers or computer magazines providing rating for freeware. They contain information on freeware rating as well as compact discs and other storage devises containing the freeware.

It is possible to run a commercial antivirus without really paying for it. This is possible because most antivirus companies are offering test antivirus versions. These versions are usually tested for 30 or even 90 days. Here, you will have to install an anti virus every 30 days or 90 days depending with the trial period. You must get the most reliable trial versions for efficiency purposes. Examples of these trials are Norton and MacAfee antivirus. It is advisable to run your antivirus software in safe mode. This mode gives you a better chance to remove viruses, Trojans, malware and other malicious programs. Safe mode helps trace several computer problems that could not be detected using the regular mode. It prevents the malicious tools from loading while starting up.

The antiviruses have certain setbacks in that it can impair the performance of the computer. Users who are not experienced enough could have a problem understanding or even using the antivirus. Incorrect use of antivirus may lead to breach of security. An avenue for attack is also created since the computer antivirus success depends on achieving either the false positive or the false negatives while using heuristic detection.

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