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A multi-ethnic individual is a person who is able to have more than one language and cultural practices. It is possible for a multi-ethnic individual to cope with the influences of culture since what is required is flexibility. If one understands a language it is easy to adopt other practices. In America there are many ethnic groups e.g. Muslims are the most diverse group in America.  Multi-ethnic individuals can form groups according to similarities in language and cultural practices. This can unite them and be able to negotiate from the other influences.

Currently in America according to the statistics taken shows that Obama and democrats ethnic group is the fastest growing in America this is due to unity and development of cohesion among them. During elections and voting multi-ethnic individuals can vote for readers who will favor them. In the religious field negotiation can be formed where the multi-ethnic individuals understand the other language. Religious groups can be formed and try to come up with their own religious leaders which might influence the larger ethnic community. But in places such as schools and work places a multi-ethnic individual must learn to use the majority language and cultural practices for effective and efficient communication since such places includes all kinds of people.

A multi-ethnic individual can engage into businesses with the major ethnic community and as well invest together. This will create negotiation and positive influence on traditions and other perspectives. In this area racial identity might not be influenced since it can not be transferred. No one can change to white identity completely; this allows the racial identity to be expressed purely. Cross-cultural factors like music a multi-ethnic individual can learn them with time since they occur at rare occasions and nowhere are they applicable officially. They only require orientation and practice. Through this negotiation and cultural influence will have taken place.

Cross-cultural activity such as films requires attending cinemas and night clubs regularly. The use of media sources i.e. radio and television will allow influence and change in the type of films to watch and since the language is understandable it will automatically call for interest and gradually one changes. Amulti-ethnic individual can as well change to the type of food taken although this can take time since it can not be forced. This can involve attending to restaurants and ordering common foods and sometimes request to the chefs to make foods of their choice that are closer to their tradition foods. Individuals can as well buy items and make their own foods at their home places. In the area of music multi-ethnic individuals can listen to the radio and TV programmes and be able to cope to these changes.          

In conclusion holidays such as gathering the language and tradition to display should be one which was original because the family members will be comfortable with that since its natural and not learned. Since they are all family members they share a common mother tongue and traditional practices which are familiar to all. This will automatically make the occasion lively and enjoyable.

Buy custom Written Assignment essay

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