Custom «Theoretical and Conceptual Differences» Essay Paper

Custom «Theoretical and Conceptual Differences» Essay Paper

Theoretical and conceptual differences take a central place in political science. Many theorists argue that it is impossible to create new ideas without theoretical insights and precise concepts. However, different scientists have different concepts. It happens because they observe the world from different perspectives. Their concepts are usually open to interpretation.

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On the one hand, theory tends to explain phenomena or facts that are widely accepted by scholars. They are used to make predictions. On the other hand, concepts are based on theories that should be tested by a certain theory. When a researcher observes any topic, he/she relies on certain theories. The theory is based on the earlier research. Stewart (2014) notes that any theory consists of ideas and models. It is a cornerstone of research and helps the researcher to view the subject he/she is researching. The conceptual framework helps the researcher to establish a personal point of view of the following problem using appropriate literature. The researcher uses the conceptual framework to gain inquiry about the subject. This conceptual framework summarizes different variables and connection between them. The theoretical framework clarifies a conceptual framework and identifies the clarity of the entire research.  According to Younkins, theoretical framework helps a researcher to use information in the research (Younkins, 2002). Furthermore, it allows to use correct information researching the subject.

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The researcher asserts that the conceptual framework provides a researcher with main ideas and directions for the research (Stewart, 2014). Therefore, it prevents a researcher from going in a wrong direction or using any other information. The conceptual framework allows a researcher to work effectively and prevents a researcher from employing wrong methods and tools. Younkins (2002) argues that a research has many perspectives and a researcher should identify the main points because he/she cannot observe the topic from all perspectives. To be successful, a researcher should make up a logical structure of the research topic and focus on main points of the research. These points may be theoretical or conceptual. A theoretical framework is larger in scope than a conceptual one. The conceptual framework reflects the researcher’s ideas, while the theoretical framework helps the researcher to create concepts and ideas. A theoretical framework is tested by other researchers and is proved as valid. The conceptual framework is not as stable as the theoretical one. Any theory reflects general relationship of things. However, it misses a direction of the research. The conceptuual framework provides these directions and underlines tools and methods of the research.

Younkins (2002) states that the theoretical framework is larger in scope than the conceptual one. Different people may have different concepts though using similar theories. As a rule, people have different concepts due to their mental activity. Theoretical frameworks exist regardless of conceptual differences.  Many scholars argue that a researcher should be able to formulate conceptual frameworks before starting the research (Stewart, 2014). This will serve as a guide in the process of work. To conduct an effective research, it is important to read much and learn how to make a synthesis of literature in order to create a proper conceptual framework of the topic.

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In conclusion, it should be mentioned that in order to conduct a research, it is important to understand differences between theoretical and conceptual frameworks. In my opinion, investigating these differences allows to make an efficient research from the scientific perspective. It has become obvious that any theory should be proved by specific concepts. While investigating the topic, I should use certain theories and find my tools and methods to prove them. It is impossible to create new ideas without theoretical insights and precise concepts.

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