Custom «The Power of Vision» Essay Paper

Custom «The Power of Vision» Essay Paper

Mighty mentoring is a minority men program for community colleges in North Carolina. It has a goal to provide services to minority males in America in general. The minority men include American Alaskan Natives, Blacks, Indians, and Hispanic who comprise individuals from Puerto Rico, Central and Southern American parts, Cuba, but not those of Hispanic origin. Mentoring in this case refers to the facilitation of learning or transfer of knowledge and skills to another person through practice and observation. The mentor, in this case, has more knowledge that he or she passes to others through constant practice and observation. The vision for this program is to maintain the minority men in the education system. It will enhance the lives of the minorities on campuses and encourage them to stay with their university until they graduate. The program intends to improve its services over time to ensure that they offer meet the recommended standards.  This is a vision, proposed for the future, along with a keen enthusiasm that goes with it. If there were a vision, then students would be excited to anticipate the future.

Vision can be a tremendous authoritative force in all walks of lives, especially in business. Mentors and mentees can embrace this aspect of teaching and learning in the institution to enable the marginalized students to get the required education standards. This vision aims at removing almost all barriers and challenges, which mentors and mentees face in their quest for a better instructional process. For example, some of these challenges are fear for failing, experience of emotional problems, and true hardships in the learning process.

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Planning of Implementing Mentorship

Planning is quite an important aspect in implementing any radical changes in a system, more so in the education setor. A strategic plan can help in implementing the changes that involve the following scenarios. The learning process of the minority men is facing many problems, which may prompt them to stay away from their learning institutions. It is important to note that there will be a smaller shift in the management procedures in the education process. The learners in this case are facing several problems relating to acquiring learning facilities. The mentoring program in the system will provide the mentees with facilities for proper learning in educational areas.

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There are two ways of coming up with this plan. This can be either strategic plan or long-range planning. These two types are different in one way or the other. Long-range type of planning came into existence in many companies in early 1960s. It puts the organizer’s insights into the plan implementation through observing the current and future knowledge. In this way, it will enable the mentors to rely on it over a period. The mentors may have a chance to apply the strategic plan, which is developed in an unpredictable environment. There are other differences. For instance, long-range planning rests on assumption that the current behaviors may continue appearing in the minority men even after implementing the strategic plan. This assumption is based on the fact that resolutions work from the backward relying on the events already occurred.  On the other hand, strategic planning does not aim at predictable future, but looks at the expected position of the learners. It analyses the present situation of the mentors and mentees and brings up strategies basing on the evidence and planning, as providing continuity in education of the minority men.

There are principles that identify strategic planning. They include instant action, simplicity, directive, and continuity together with the restrictive type. Strategic planning iin this case will bring about benefits to both the mentors and the mentees. It has the ability to reduce conflicts, thus increasing the relationship between the learners and their instructors. It gives the mentors the ability to anticipate the problems that will accrue from implementing the program of mentoring the minority men before they appear. This enables them to come up with the preliminary solutions to the problems. For instance, the minority groups may experience problems in materials, less mentors and fear among the mentees to participate in the program. Fear may come in due to the effect of being known to other dominant students that one is among the minority groups leading to racist relationships in the institution.

During planning, the mentors are able to identify the weaknesses and strengths of the program. This is a very important aspect since the mentors will weigh the benefits, while at the same time looking at the demerits. Mentees can be aware of the good intentions and participate fully in the program. During this planning, the changes that may take place are put into consideration so that whenever one plan fails, another plan takes over and the mentorship process goes on smoothly.

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Mentorship program has various merits for mentors, mentees, and the institution. The mentees will be able to stay in their learning institutions until they attain their expected educational levels. Through getting education, they will be able to get employment and pursue their dreams in life. The mentors, on the other hand, will be able to improve their skills in handling issues concerning minority groups. Generally, mentors will be improving their communication skills as they deal with the mentees in their specific categories. The institution will be able to get a better reputation in the society for providing support to minority people in the American nations.    

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