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The Obama Health Care Bill

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The president’s proposal on the Health Care Bill is meant to make insurance more affordable to the Americans by reducing the tax on the middle class while improving on the health insurance market and fostering a greater accountability. It is also preordained to provide means to the end of discrimination and limit the strain on the budget. It provides more stability and security to those who already have the health insurance, a quality and affordable solution to those who do not have a health care insurance yet. For the Americans in general, it intends to offer a less costly health care to the families, businessmen, and government. The law is set to affect various groups, namely the American families, children, young adults, early retirees, women, rural Americans, small businesses, Asian Americans, Latinos, African Americans, Veterans, and Americans with disabilities among the other groups.

Its impacts on the groups

For the physicians, the work will become more difficult as they will be imperiled to more state principles and oversight. The bill provides for more bureaucracy as in under the sections 3002, 3403 and 6301 which complicates the existing payment rules for the doctors. The new law provides no Sustainable Growth Rate Formula (SGR) fix. Besides, Congress has revealed no preference to find a solution for the ruined SGR formula minus contributing to the federal deficiency instead of approving fiscal castigation and insisting on a frank restructuring of the Medicare program (Tony & M.d., 2011). The purpose of the bill should be the improvement of the doctor-patient relationship rather than the third party as proposed. It does not provide a solution for the doctors’ most pressing concerns such as offence reform.

To the families, the bill undermines the role of parents. It states that the beneficiary clinics must respect “parental consent and notification laws that are not inconsistent with Federal law.” This gives the teens more voice to engage into activities that may affect them negatively without the consent of their parents. The new PRE program offers $75 million annually for the endowments to aid states moderate pregnancies and resulting births among teenagers (Aaron & Cato Institute, 2009). It, however, does not give the incentive to the states to attain this objective without increasing the number of abortion rates. The law gives a penalty to marriage by providing for a lower tax on divorced than on married couples.

The senior is another group that is affected by the bill. The bill restricts them from access to the physicians by the third party that negotiates almost everything without their consent. Moreover, they are more likely to pay high taxes and have limited choices of the insurance premiums of their choice (Pipes, 2010).

For the small businesses, the bill adds a load of work onto their budget by subjecting them to insure their employees. This is an advantage to the employees at the first glance but, considering that their pay will be subjected to cater for the insurance, they may have to pay for expensive health care insurance though their employers are without a voice. The choice of their insurance will be left to the employers to decide and can be worse than they could have had it were it of their own control.

For the Rural Americans, the law provides a financial relief for both the families and their seniors. It ensures that they have a variety of choices and secure insurance cover. It as well works on providing more doctors to the people at affordable premiums. It embarks on preventive care by ensuring the elimination of the co-payment programs that were inconvenient to the people. It aims at eliminating the insurance company discrimination while providing competitive services.

For the Americans with disabilities, the bill provides a long-term insurance support eliminating the insurance company discrimination while expanding the Medicare program.

The bill exempts churches and religious institutions from the health care coverage. It tends to assume that the church members belong to a particular group and are well catered for. This might not be the case and thus there is a need to properly define the standings.


As much as the Obama Health care bill proves to be giving new solutions to the different existing groups of citizens, it still has a lot to be amended. It should be reviewed for a better response to the needs of the citizens. Additionally, it should answer the questions that could arise in both the present and the future times. Finally, a clear definition of each group should be provided so that everyone is at a position of benefiting fully.

Buy custom The Obama Health Care Bill essay

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