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The Importance of Culture

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The importance of culture can not be ignored. Culture is inclined to the genetic evolution. It is the combination of language, rituals, knowledge, and belief that is passed around to make sense of the surrounding that one is staying. In addition, it drives the parts of one’s behavior too. Culture is modified and changed as environment dictates.

Understanding a person requires the knowledge of a person’s cultural perspective. This requires the understanding of the common or shared interests, and the tribal perspective of the person. Thus, someone who has been Americanized is one who has been influenced by the cultures of the United States. When one is referring to someone in another country, this can be referred to the American values that have been corrupted by a person. However, in the United States, this refers to the satisfaction of being an American. Americanized person depends on one’s race, ethnic background, upbringing, and culture.

The significance of values in a culture has been influenced by the ethnic and racial family’s ability to maintain culture and traditions. The principles, customs, and traditions that define the value of culture have been affected. The symbols and human activity, which give significance to the culture and traditions, have been influenced by the ethnic and racial families. Representation of culture through literature, traditions, costumes, art, and customs are not well exploited by the ethnic and racial families. Moreover, the environment has affected the lifestyles of the people, thus shaping their culture. This is so because; there are different cultures that exist in different locations of the world.

Migration has led to the richness of cultural diversities, races, and ethnicities that are in the world. Those who migrate influence the religious customs, social support systems, and cultural norms. Thus, it leads to some form of cultural identity. In addition, assimilation, has led to the cultural values to be affected. The diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, with different cultural and racial values affect the social values that exist. Assimilation will affect the racial, ecological, psychological, structural, demographic, and culture of a person.

The social media like mobile phones, Twitter, and Facebooks, affect the cultural rituals and traditions. The cultures change due to the influence of what is seen or used in these media, books, and schools. This is because the languages and lifestyles in these locations are different. This is due to the genetic evolution of the cultural values of the people.  In addition, the social mobility, with higher levels of education also influences culture. This is through the interactions that people have. The cultures are developed at the different work places are different as they provide different skills.

The mindset of people in different parts of the world is what has brought the diversity of cultures. Cultural values are significant in identifying a community. This makes a community attain a character of their own, as it has a culture for the people. Members of a community do share a culture, and it is learned and passed through the generations. This is translated to symbols like religion, art, and language to maintain the cultural values.

In addition, culture acts as a bond, to tie people of the same community or religion together. These common bonds are what bring people together. They can include; the food they eat, clothes they wear, the festivals they celebrate, and the cultural values that they follow. Moreover, culture is a social control in a society. It sets a standard behavior of the people. These cultural values are the basis of a person’s principles in life. Thus, they affect a person’s philosophies and principles in life. The influence culture has on a persons way of living, has a significant impact of his social life. Furthermore, culture is the link between people and the value systems in the society. 

Buy custom The Importance of Culture essay

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