Custom «The Bermuda Triangle» Essay Paper

Custom «The Bermuda Triangle» Essay Paper

The storm was getting more violent as I steered my ship in the southern Atlantic Ocean. I can’t tell how frightened my team was when we figured out that top scientists of the world, decided to hold a conference about the mystery of the Bermuda triangle in my vessel. They should have stayed away from the ocean at first instead of undertaking a gamble and confirming their fears in the deep waters. I had exact instructions to approach the location but to stop within a kilometer from the exact location.

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I decided to relax in my cuddy and think of a possible explanation to the Bermuda triangle phenomenon, based on my rich experience in sailing. Then it happened! I have heard rumors of the constant shift of the ‘Devil’s triangle’, as it is popularly known. The name explains the fatal and mysterious disappearance of objects near the surface of the ocean or in the sky above the Bermuda Triangle. No one in the world could explain the details of the mystery, because everyone who had ever encountered the legendary spot disappeared forever. An eerie gust of the wind filled the air. I saw the light, and there it was! A large whirlpool five meters from my ship seemed to pull us closer. Everyone screamed and some strange power sucked us out of the ship one by one.

Initially I thought I was dreaming, but a sharp pain down my back shook me back to the reality. I was thrown up into the skies and than I was hurled back down into the water right into the black hole. I landed in a city full of youth, different planes and sea vessels. “Welcome to the city of suspense. Dreams, wishes and hopes of all living creatures above us, begin here and develop as perceived later by human beings. All the mysteries of the world are created in people’s minds. We get to people through rain or sunshine. There are very few good minds for this work and they are carefully chosen to come via that gate you have just passed through!” announced a booming voice. 

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