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The Aggressor in the Family

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Domestic violence continues until behaviors of infidelity come to an end. In the worst cases, it continues long after the spouse has stopped engaging in unfaithful behaviors. This is because the other spouse may not have completely lifted the burden of the offense caused off his heart. In most cases, such a cause of domestic violence is very serious and a third party may need to interrupt. The worst scenario is whereby such violence ends up in divorce.

Through personal reasons, one of the parties in the family becomes the aggressor. The aggression may be caused by various factors. The aggression may emanate from one family member or it may involve an ‘all against all’ kind of situation. In most cases, this kind of problem becomes very difficult to deal with. This type of violence may take the form of fights whereby family members intentionally hurt each other, physically, emotionally and psychologically.

Physical or mental illness is a common cause of personal aggression in the family. The remedy to this problem is medical attention. Some of the mental conditions that lead to aggression in the family include schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s disease. Family members may not realize that a mental condition is fuelling the violence until it is too late.

Carlson (1984) observes that people who use alcohol or drugs are also a cause of domestic violence in their respective families. This is a personal problem that can be remedied simply through a change of behavior. Unfortunately, it is never as simple as that. Alcohol and drugs are not only highly addictive; they take away a huge chunk of a family’s resources. One family member may drain all the family’s resources by buying drugs, leading to a domestic quarrel.

An individual who has been exposed to domestic violence all his life may expose the same behavior towards his family. This is because that individual has been conditioned to a life of violence since early childhood and beyond. For such a person, it is difficult to understand what that there may be another form of life other than one that is characterized by violence. In this case, violence may reign as long as the family exists.

Buy custom The Aggressor in the Family essay

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