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Strategies to Curb Domestic Violence in New York

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For a long period of time, domestic violence has been the most unreported crime. It includes an individual or group saying hurtful or debasing words hitting, seizing a person, lashing, sexual assault, chocking or even murdering. It involves majorly cohabiting or married couple but sometimes extends the other members of the household. New York has set some strategies to fight domestic violence as discussed in the next paragraphs.

The state has acknowledged domestic violence as one of the greatest problems. This helps in fighting by applying to the efforts to estimate the situation. The establishment of New York City Anti-Violence Project is an evidence of this recognition. This project has proposed various strategies through reports adopted not only in New York but by the United Nations, as well. This encourages those who experience violence to contact anti-violence programs for support and to document the form of violence to avoid future repeat. It has taken joint anti-violence actions in the social media to steer the fight. It has also encouraged national advocacy, technical and financial support aiding the fight of domestic violence.

There are many shelters for abused women that provide more services such as the Sandgate Women’s Shelter of Georgina and Yellow Brick House. These non-profit organizations provide services to help victims of the domestic violence abuse and empower them thereby aiding in the control and protection. Access to these shelters is through contacting the agents by the provided New York City hotline at 800-621-HOPE (4673). The victims are advised to take important documents with them on their departure, include those who have applied or are receiving public assistance. In case, the domestic violence shelter is full, the victims are helped to acquire a safety plan. The services are offered at a sliding fee scale. There are times that the waiting list is long, but the shelters keep in contact so that offer assistance collaboratively.

There are various resources available to help in situations of violence. These include the emergency and homeless shelter, NYS domestic violence hotlines, the legal systems, computing resources, public libraries, help families, New York department of Health assistance, social security and financial assistance programs. They provide information on how to know that you are in a violence state, when, where and how to act. The state has provided information guides (both online and print versions) to develop awareness and extend the knowledge of the forms of domestic violence. The office for the prevention of domestic violence provides more links to useful resources.

Buy custom Strategies to Curb Domestic Violence in New York essay

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