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Stepping off the Edge

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Sometimes life experience is very difficult because not everything goes the way we desire. There are some people who are ready to show us clear directions, others are very willing to help, but then we meet the challenge and have to persevere and fight to go on living because life is not that easy. “For the Sake of Strangers” is a poem which explains the daily hustles of a person who tries to overcome all the obstacles which we encounter in our daily lives. It is very difficult to carry all the weights of grief which always surround us and we have to make a lot of sacrifice.

The modern life we live is already a great challenge. It is clear that the author of the poem sympathized with all the people who surrounded her as she stated in the poem that it was extremely difficult to carry the total weight of grief. I have a strong feeling that the author of this poem, Dorianne Laux really tried  to use the universal tone throughout the poem. This is because Laux used the word ‘we’ which is a universal word, meaning ‘many people’. I think she liked the masses of people who inspired her to write the poem.

One may see, the description of the young boy who was aimed at giving the speaker some directions clearly showed that the narrator had found the exact person to help her out, since she was courageous enough to ask everything she needed. Sometimes the difficulties that we meet in our life, like loneliness caused by failed relationship and other family problems, can affect our life and make someone lose the hope of living again. It is very true that the dull strength, which is explained in the poem, makes us move on with life despite the difficulties that we may be facing in life. No matter how difficult life may be, it is easy to notice a good deed which is out of generosity, and mellowness in the world of many miseries.

The author was able to notice the young boy, who was out to give her the directions and the woman, who also helped her, although, she did something which was very small like holding of the door for her empty body to pass. This shows that there are good people in this world who are ready to help though they might not be noticed because of the minor roles they may play in our lives. This is because the pain that we may experience makes us blind to the strangers who are there for us despite the life’s challenges that we are undergoing. Even trees offered their help by giving their blossoms; and the smile of a mentally chalanged child is a clear indication that the world can speak to us in many ways. It shows that not only people can help us to uplift the heavy weight which is glued to our shoulders.

This poem is a tribute because it shows that everything and anything that exist in this world really matter in everyone’s current life; even though, we may not really be aware of their existence. We should be able to immerse fully in our humanity experience by listening to the breathing world, stepping off the edge and bearing the heavy weight of all the pain we undergo, as well as the existence gravity.

Buy custom Stepping off the Edge essay

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