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Stem Cell Research Should be Allow to Give Room to Scientists to Perform More Research

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Stem cells can be obtained either from the embryo or an adult. These cells are then nurture in the laboratory by scientists for various usages because of their ability to differentiate into different cells and tissue replenishment tendencies (Monroe, Miller. & Tobias, 2008). Moreover, stem cells whether adult or embryonic are first unspecialized and can replenish themselves through cell division and secondly, can easily germinate into specific organs and tissues under certain physiological or experimental process. Based on the adverse scientific knowledge on cell physiology, stem cell characteristics and continued need for scientists to offer solution on various challenges affecting humanity, stem cell research should be allowed for research firms as it has the opportunity to cure many prolonged diseases, helps researchers to develop stronger human body, and discover new medical treatments. It sounds as a relief to a multitude of patients all over the world suffering from many diseases and conditions.

For a very long time, scientists have carried out research on biological issues. One of the new developments in such studies is the invention of new biology in 1970s (Panno, 2004). This process entailed the use of biotechnology to study the cell. Ideally it could be cited that prior to biotechnology, scientists new very little about the cell structure and function (Panno, 2004). With insights on the cell, more research and enquiries in cell technology became relevant to scientists thereby giving rise to animal cloning, stem cell and gene therapy. This marked the genesis of stem cell research that has found usage in various avenues irrespective of controversies surrounding it.

Stem cell research should be allowed for research firms as it has the opportunity to cure many prolonged diseases. Such research is meant to improve people’s lives by finding treatment for a wide range of diseases especially those resulting from failure of human body cells’ function (Panno, 2004). Presently, many people are suffering from chronic diseases which have resulted to lose of hope. However, scientific research shows that over 100 million persons which chronic diseases can benefits from therapies that are based on stem cell (Monroe, Miller. & Tobias, 2008). Some of the diseases where stem cells have been applied include cancer, diabetes cerebral palsy and others. In addition stem cell therapies that utilize “bone marrow and umbilical cord” have successfully been utilized to treat blood disorders and human immune system (Dick, 2009).

Secondly, the human body is continuously undergoing the process of tear and wear of different cells thereby calling for continued replenish (Dick, 2009) Stem cell research should be promoted because it is only through this research that scientists will get an opportunity to develop new cells, tissues, or organs that can be used to replenish cells that would otherwise be dead thereby enhancing development of stronger human body. For instance, scientists anticipate that stem cells research will offer treatment to injured tissues and organs, replace on insulin producing cells. Not only will the treatment develop human bodies, but also the research will help to improve livestock and other aspects of human life (Panno, 2004).

Stem cell research should be promoted in scientific research because it will lead to discovery of new medical treatments. So far there are varied proofs of stem cell research treatments. Among the diseases where stem cell research has been applied is in the treatment of diabetes, brain diseases like Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer and other therapeutic diseases (Panno, 2004). Based on such success, it is evident that scientists will still engage in stem cell research with a mission to search and discover other possible functions of stem. This will definitely unearth some treatment that are still hidden and eventually restore the smile of good health to humanity

Despite numerous successes in the usage of stem cell research, the process has been surrounded by opposition from all walks of life; religious, moral, ethical and also political views. It is largely believed that using embryonic stem cell research is tantamount to killing a life to save another person’s life. That is, embryonic stem cells come from the embryo which is believed to be an unborn child. According to Ho (2008), it is wrong to destroy human life for any reason. This is because embryos are human and that means human beings are used as medication for other humans. The embryonic stem cell research has been long debated politically and socially to involve the destruction of human embryo (Frankel, 2000).

Whereas stem cell research has been supported by many bodies as a means of allowing scientists to conduct research and offer solutions to various acute disease and problems surrounding humanity, the controversies surrounding the practices is something that cannot be ignored. Ethical moral, religious and some other bodies opposed to the practice argument’s holds much water because every human being developed out of the clumps of primordial cells; stem cells. However, those opposed to the practice argue that stems cells have not attained the human capacity and can therefore be used to save lives. Actually, there is sense in all the two cases and therefore there needs to be a balance on stem cell research especially on how the cells are acquired so as to eliminate the feeling of guilt and moral injustice to both the donor and the either the embryo or the adult stem cell.

Buy custom Stem Cell Research Should be Allow to Give Room to Scientists to Perform More Research essay

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