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For every project that is to be successfully accomplished, various aspects should be taken into account. Generally, all projects come with advantages and disadvantages and it is advisable to apply techniques that are advantageous to the company carrying out the project. Having in mind the several problems that are likely to be encountered in constructing this canal, we recommend the following actions be done. First, it is recommendable that, a locks canal be built. Considering the obstacles that will be faced, this type of canal is highly recommended.

The main problem being how to handle the mountain range that is found on the proposed route of the canal, constructing it as locks gives a bit easier job. This is because, as compared to building it at sea level, we will not require removal of dirt. In addition to this, we will conserve the environment in terms of where to place the dirt excavated if it were to be built at sea level. Although locks require regular maintenance due to its moving parts, this will not be a big problem because it will be a source of employment. Lock system is also operated by individuals and is another chance for employment to many people. Taking this option will be the most efficient due to its cost and time effectiveness. We will use less money and be able to complete it within a short period hence, meeting our budget and deadlines.

This will also help in avoiding dirt being returned to the canal during the rainy season as will be the case if it is dug through the mountain or if the mountain is removed. It will also save us on the labor required to transport the dirt to a far distance that will reduce a chance of being driven back to the tunnel during the rainy season. It is also not possible to obtain a free land where the natives will allow us to dispose this dirt. Although using locks also requires removal of dirt, the amount of dirt is negligibly small such that disposing it or the possibility of being swept back during rainy season is not a big issue. Using the locks that run over the mountain is, therefore, the best way to construct this canal.

Charges River, being another challenge, can be easily handled because the flash floods that are expected will only be experienced during the rainy seasons. Because this river crosses the proposed route of the canal several times, we recommend that a dam that will be used to control its flow be constructed. Construction of this dam will be of big advantage to us because it will be used to kill two birds at a go. Other than controlling the flash floods that occur in this river during the rainy seasons, this dam will be used to power the locks that are used in this canal system. This will be the most important solution to the problems, which lock canals have posed for quite a long time.

Apart from having a benefit on flood control and powering the locks, it will be a good water reservoir for the natives. They can decide to use it for fishing or get water for irrigation on their farms. This will increase our security in the foreign land because they will appreciate our way of helping them to improve their living standards, and improve their food security especially during the dry seasons.

On the issue of public opinion about the construction of this canal, it is prudent to take into account the ideas of those who are in a position to use this canal. They should have an understanding and appreciation of being able to travel from the Caribbean to Pacific Ocean non-stop. They should also be conversant with the working principles of the canal. To ensure that this is driven home, their opinion should first be appreciated to ensure that investors are appealed. This is based on the ground facts that the available funds are not enough to run this project to completion. Therefore, we should, take the advantage of the public knowing more about the importance of the canal so that investors can contribute financially. Having a way of increasing the public interest on lock canal system will make this project easy and economically feasible. Having a locks system is a unique idea that most investors will be happy to be associated with. Capturing their interest, therefore, will help us in obtaining enough finance in terms of increasing the number of investors.

We also know that we need a lot of labor in order to complete this project. We recommend that we get all casual labor from the Chinese company. This is based on the facts that Chinese have been very successful constructors of many projects worldwide by using their own labor force. We do not recommend use of the natives for casual labor because of their health status. There has been a frequent outbreak of malaria in the region and most of them have been victims. This will lead to inconveniences incase many of them fall sick during the construction.

Due to the frequent malaria outbreak in this region, we recommend that there be a large supply of medicine during the construction of this canal. We also recommend a construction of a hospital that will be used in case victims are to be admitted. Such hospitals should be fitted with equipment that repels mosquitoes. Because this place is prone to this disease, we recommend the best medicine (quinine) to be supplied. This will not cost a lot of money because the tree that is used to make this medicine is from Peru, which is relatively near as compared to having it supplied all the way from America. It is also important to teach the workers on the side effects of using this drug so that they will not use too much and end up having hearing problems.

Other than these, it is also advisable that a good rapport between the natives and us be developed so that they will help us on their traditional medicine, which they use to cure such diseases. Other than such medicines, they may be able to help us to identify other natural resources found within our area of work that will help us in any possible way. Developing this relationship will also help us in terms of security, they will be able to trust us and hence, no need of having armed men to take care of the laborers. We will also get food supplies at a relatively cheap price as compared to when we depend on home supplies. To ensure that this is achieved, we should have the first group of people visiting them with small gifts and present to them without raising suspicion from them.

To ensure that we finish the work within the set time, we should put more efforts during the dry season. This is because during this season, we will be experiencing less flooding and landslides hence, easy to deal with the soil. Moreover, many diseases will be experienced during the wet season due to large numbers of bugs. These diseases will reduce the productivity of the laborers. Other than diseases, mud from landslides will make the working environment unbearable and less productive work will be done.

During this wet season, the temperatures in Panama are known to fall considerably. These low temperatures are associated with diseases like pneumonia, among others. This requires attention, and it calls for proper clothing for the laborers. They therefore, need to be supplied with enough warm clothes, which they will use during this season to avoid getting sick and giving us a lot of work in treating them especially in a foreign nation. If this is not taken into account, it may end up being disastrous.  We, therefore, recommend that a local cloth making industry be identified so that we can make an order for many clothes for the different seasons. In this case, we will have boosted their sales as well as maintain economical use of our finance.

Normally, it takes some time for a person to get adapted to the new environment he is exposed to. During the construction of the canal, we will be going through a new environment and there is a high chance of encountering various plants and animals species. Workers will encounter poisonous organic and living species hence, posing a big challenge especially on their safety. We, therefore, recommend that the company import a steam shovel that will be used to make clear paths that will be used by the workers. In this case, the workers will be safe from dangers from wild animals. Other than being safe, it is more efficient and economical; it will do the work that more than thirty workers would have handled for a long time. Importing this machine will help us save both time and labor.

Concerning the construction of the canal with the help of another country, we recommend that we work on the canal on our own. Although working with another country helps in providing labor force, this it outweighed by the issue of deciding on dividing the canal rights between the two countries. There may be several issues when dealing on whom to get the plaintiffs as far as opening of the canal is concerned. This may result into wrangles that will lead to breaking the existing relationship between the two countries. This may result into long-term effects on both countries both economically and politically. We believe that building this canal is not a big project that needs help from another country.

The other possible thing that can happen if we collaborate with another country is the chances of withdrawal. The country may withdraw from the project when it is not yet complete. The company that will carry out the project may become bankrupt and put under receivership. This will bring us problems in trying to look for another partner of adjusting our budget in order to complete it. Having this situation will bring us down and we may end up not completing the project. We built the Suez Canal without the help of any country and this was seen as an impossible project but we managed and proved that we are capable of doing anything.

In conclusion, we recommend that a locks canal system be constructed such that it runs over the mountain range. We will also obtain work force from Chinese government, look for a local cloth making industry to supply us with clothes, order medicine from Peru, import a steam shovel, impress the public on the importance of the canal, construct a dam, and built the canal on our own without collaborating with any country. What we need is to attract a lot of investors and see the work done to completion within the timelines.

Buy custom Solution Development Paper essay

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