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Social Perceptions Impact on Managing Diversity

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Every individual has a degree of socializing with the rest. The social attitudes, however, are important as they influence most of the activities that we engage in. These are very important in the determination of managing diversity as discussed in the next paragraphs (Gardenswartz & Rowe, 1998).

The first social perception that we’ll discuss is the stereotypes. These are beliefs about a particular group or characters. They categorize individuals according to various criteria while associating them with given traits which may be incorrect. They are not necessarily negative but may not be accurate. They can lead to poor decisions, undermine job satisfactions and create barriers for a particular group of individuals.

Social impacts also give a limitation as to what information an individual or group takes. One may filter important information considering it not fit for what one believes is best.

Some information cannot be archived from its sources if the concerned individual is unwilling to give out the information. The social perceptions will influence the kind of judgments delivered. A group or management can dismiss a great idea basing their arguments on their naivety. This will discourage innovations and diversity. In conjunction to this, poor hiring decisions are likely to be made. The decisions thus limit the new ideas from getting their way into an organization.

The customer needs may not be satisfied when a company is used to a particular group. A company that produces goods and services for a particular gender is limited to it and will never (unless changes are introduced) know what others love.

There are many cases of workplace vulnerability reported. These are as a result of social differences. The later is that a particular group has a negative perception of the later. They limit diversity.

Some social styles such as sexual harassment among others make potential pioneers afraid of getting into a particular career. They fear the worst and take what they think are safety measures. Social attitudes lead to poor career planning. This makes most individuals lack the capability to handle some important job requirement leading to poor employment and non-diverse employees.

The social lifestyles of individuals affect their relationships at every level and finally rest upon a negative impact on diversity. Individual should learn to have flexible lifestyles in order to encourage innovations and diversity.

Buy custom Social Perceptions Impact on Managing Diversity essay

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