Custom «Sex and Morality» Essay Paper

Custom «Sex and Morality» Essay Paper

The purpose of the essay is four-fold. First, the essay will provide a summary based on the general considerations of the principles stating what sources of moral knowledge are, what it means to say that the principles of morality are perennial, why those principles are perennial, and what the fundamental principle of sexual morality is. Second, the work will state the reasons given for the judgments made about premarital sex, homosexuality, and masturbation in specific applications. Third, it will provide a description of how obedience contributes to morality, and lastly, it will draw a conclusion that provides a standpoint on sexuality and morality.


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In reference to modern scientific research, sexuality profoundly affects an individual's life since it is among those factors which distinguish human beings. In fact, sex leads to the distinction of a man and woman psychologically, biologically and spiritually, hence, it defines his/her maturity and integration in the society. Sexual matters form the crucial theme that is openly and frequently discussed in books, magazines, reviews, as well as other social media (Seidman, 2003). It is evident that, in the current world people agree that human vocation and dignity can be discovered through own intelligence and values inherent in their nature Moreover, individuals should nurture those values and practice them in their lives, for them to achieve a noticeable development (Greenberg, Bruess & Conklin, 2011). In relation to moral matters, an individual cannot personally make a value judgment, since consciously he/she detects a law that he/she cannot impose on him/herself, but ensures his/her obedience.

It is false in the contemporary world for people to assert that it is impossible for a man to find immutable norm in human nature and reveal law that serves certain reasons, which are not expressed in the overall law of charity, as well as value for human dignity. However, divine revelation emphasizes the genuine demands of human nature. This manifests the presence of immutable laws that are innate in the constitutive fundamentals of human nature, and as such, it is exhibited by individuals gifted with reason.  Sexual ethics concerns with both Christian life and human fundamental values; thus, its teaching equally pertains to sexuality. Church has unhesitatingly transmitted some norms and principles as a part of its teaching, though worldly morals and opinions ppose them (Adams & Pigg, 2005). The principle does not originate from certain culture type, but from divine law and human nature knowledge.

Many individuals vindicate premarital sex, but their opinion contravenes Christian doctrine which states that sex should be enjoyed within the confines of marriage, and that premarital sex cannot protect relationships from caprices and whims. In addition, those who practice homosexuality do it in opposition to the Christian teachings and moral sense. The homosexuals should be accorded necessary treatment and understanding in order to overcome their problems and be inculcated to the society successfully. Their blameworthiness will be evaluated with caution. Today, the doctrine maintained by Catholic that masturbation adds up to a grave ethical disorder is denied or doubted. Masturbation, from a psychological and sociological standpoint is regarded as a normal phenomenon that indicates sexual development. Though it cannot be justified that scriptures condemn the sin, the church understands that the New Testament condemns it when it speaks of unchastity, impurity, as well as other vices.

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Obedience is a virtue that enables someone to be in agreement with, to comply, respect or conform to something. It is the opposite of disobedience. Individuals will only be obedient to someone or of something because of fear of the consequences. Only those who are courageous enough will tend to disobey. For instance, a young child will obey his or her parent just because of the fear of the cane. If it was not of the consequences, the child would have disobeyed the parent. This is referred to as a blind obedience if you are being forced to conform.

Many people obey so that they can have peace with themselves whereas others disobey in search of freedom or liberty. Many trouble makers, we say, are courageous because they seek their own independence and self responsibility. When a person is disobedient people tend to shun away from him/her in lonely situations while  people, who are aware of the consequences, tend to follow good behavior. Delinquents are always people with bad norms or values that include disobedience. This people, who are usually engaged in risky activities such as burglary, are not only of disobedient but also courageous.

Obedience is all about rejecting your own personality when people tend to be submissive, for instance, wives should be submissive to their husbands no matter what they orrder. The wives will only comply with it because they fear their husbands. Obedience in many cases does not involve a lot of questioning and reasoning that will increase the chances of one being manipulated and exploited either by the rest of people or the government. Its only when you are courageous that you question the legality of some actions. For instance, if the government gives an order the citizens, they will have to judge whether it is right or wrong before they obey.

Normally, people tend to seek for conformity because they find it easier than disobedience. It does not involve a lot but only  social responsibility.For instance, people follow the societal norms and values just because they are a part of the community and any disagreement with the norms can make the ancestral spirits angry. This will bring a curse or suffering among the members of the society. The cost of disobedience is sometimes scary and requires strong people to face it.

The Bible states, if one wants to live till the old age,  he or she is supposed to obey his or her parents. To be in good terms with the creator, obedience is better than sacrifice, this makes it possible for an individual to relate with the powerful well and be on a saver side both in the earthly living and the life to come. Most people actions are based on the current and future benefits that they derive. Those, who are defiant, are courageous enough to face the consequences just even when they had an opportunity to behave well. Again we find people like Abraham, David, Shadrack, Meshack and Aberdneko in the Bible to be the most courageous people to obey God even if the consequences, they were going to face, was too severe (Fuller, 1964). Their actions were not as a result of fear but the value of Gods teachings in their lives.

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In conclusion, obedience is a moral virtue that we need to uphold even if the consequences are too severe and demanding. Though the goodies that come with disobedience include freedom and independence, they are short-lived. Observance of the ethical law, as well as practice of chastity in the field of sexuality, is endangered. This is because there is a growing tendency to minimize, but not deny, grave sin reality in the lives of people. Based on Christian teachings, moral sin is not only premised on direct and formal resistance to chastity, but it is also found in the opposition of authentic love embodied in moral laws.

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