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Research Paper on Boston Common

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Boston Common is the oldest park in the United States. It was established in 1634. It is situated in a fifty acre oasis. The most immediate neighbors of this park include; Tremont streets, Beacon, Charles and Boylston among others. Friends asserts that as a public park, Boston serves as a recreational public park as well as a common place for softball games, concerts and occasionally; protests (7).

The space where Boston is currently situated was previously owned by William Blackstone and. The government of Massachusetts bought the space from Blackstone “after realizing that a more northerly place site would not be suitable for settlement” (Friends 8). The government’s main aim for the purchase was to use this land for public livestock grazing. However, Boston Common was not entirely used for grazing. It was also used as a public green that included several official functions. For instance, “parades, hangings and drills” are some of the official functions that were carried out in Boston (Friends 8).

As the official functions became so common in Boston, the government decided to impose a ban on livestock grazing in Boston Common. This prohibition came to effect in 1830. Boston Common equally holds a military history. According to Friends, before the kick off of the American Revolutionary War, the park was used as a camping site by British troops (17).

The sixteen most storied landmarks are connected by the Freedom Trail which starts at Boston. Robert Gould Shaw Memorial that features Massachusetts’ 54th Regiment is also contained in the Freedom Trail. Boston equally anchors the “Emerald Necklace”. The Necklace entails the “one thousand acres of parkland” that lies between Franklin Park and Charles River (Friends 19).

Boston Common also entails memories of various events. For instance, the Boston Massacre Monument, the Partisans, a tribute to the world freedom fighters and a civil war memorial can all be viewed in Boston. Lastly, the Frog Pond in Boston Common functions as “a public ice-skating and a wading pool” in winter and summer respectively (Friends 27).

The Park served as a site for public assembly and free speeches. Charles Lindbergh used Boston Common as a stage for promoting commercial aviation. The Common in 20th century hosted Anti-Vietnam War as well as civil right rallies some of which were led by Martin Luther King, Jr. Pope John Paul II in some occasions “conducted his Masses” in this park (Friends 38).

Boston Common Sites

Most of these sites arose as a result of historical monuments. The first one; the Parkman Bandstand was erected in 1912 in honor of George F. Parkman. George is remembered for contributing a total sum 5 million US dollar towards the maintenance of the Boston parks. The second monument is the Soldiers and Sailors. The monument is situated Flagstaff Hill. It gives attributions to Civil War troops. The monument was established in 1877 and was designed by “Martin Milmore-an architect and sculptor” (Vorhees 46).

Robert Gould Shaw Memorial is another Civil War monument. The monument that faces the Massachusetts State House is situated at the edge of Boston Common. It was erected in the memory of the 54th regiment. The regiment was one of its own since it formed the first free black regiment in the Union Army. Within the Boston Common, there is also the Central Burying Ground. The Ground contains graves of “several America and British soldiers” who perished in “the Battle of Bunker Hill which occurred in 1775” (Vorhees 46).

The Last common feature in this park is the Brewer Fountain. The Fountain was donated to Boston Common by Gardner Brewer in 1968. It is a copy of the fountain of the World Exposition of 1855 in France. Grant reported that the Brewer fountain comprises of the mythical pictures of Acis, Amphitrite, Neptune and Galatea (103).

Boston Arts Festival

The Boston Arts Festival entails the best Boston Arts Scene. It includes both visual and performance. The Festival was started in 2003 as a single afternoon event. As time progressed, the event expanded into a three day celebration. It currently includes “diverse programs of performance” (Vorhees 47).

Morning Events and Observations in Boston Common

In Boston Common there are several events that one would observe. The events begin taking place as early as 12 a.m. For instance, very early in the morning, one would only observe an empty park without anybody in it only the beautiful trees, grass cover and animals such as squirrel (Morris 4). The trees have both yellow and green leaves scattered all over the park. Some of the trees shade of their leaves more often making the park looks untidy. These leaves to some extent are “nuisance to individuals visiting the park” (Morris 4).

There is a smell of cleanliness very early in the morning. This smell owes to the fact that no one uses the park at night only for the ones crossing over (Morris 4).

In the morning, there is sound of quietness accompanied by some little breeze blowing the leaves. Boston Common is very nice during these morning hours. The sweet smell of the nature inclusive of the one coming from grass, trees and their leaves bring a nice scent to people in the park. But the side opposite to Boylston Street is full of bad odor. The irritating smell is caused by “the wastes that people dump in this side of the park” (Morris 4).

On would also observe an ice skating rink that is well established to be used everyone during winter seasons. The ice skating is used by all age groups that wish to enjoy their time. The park is surrounded by numerous tall buildings that act as wind breakers to strong wind. This has led to “Boston Common having a very cool wind during morning hours” (Morris 5).

As morning grows stronger and a little warmth setting in, people begin walking into the park with most of them in pairs. There is the taste of Hotdogs that are being sold in the nearby streets probably with all the ketchup as well as mustard in them. Besides, there is the taste of caramel being sold. Morris confirmed that as the day continues growing, the disguising smell of cigarette begins setting into the park (5).

Events in the Park after mid-day

One would observe groups of families sitting together and enjoying some family time together with their children. The children playing with their kites as their parents commit to their own conversations and also catching up on stuff. Some of the families play with their animals around the park. The animals especially “dogs scare the squirrels away making them climb” onto trees while searching for their safety (Morris 6).

There is the rattling sound produced by the leaves as people step on them. The sound sometimes become so much that it ends up irritating people that are holding conversations probably about love , market or anything in general. The people also may look perturbed by the dogs which are actually barking out of their own enjoyment. In Morris’ view, the sound of people passing close to Boston Common can also be heard by those inside the park (6).

As heat begins to increase, the children start playing freely with each other. They play in the sand. According to the children, there is a nice feeling they get from the sand. Morris asserted that some of the people in the park lay down under the trees with intention to have a feeling of the grass and leaves that they have been sitting on (6).

After some time, people would start gathering in some sport fields within the park. The fields include Tennis Court, baseball field among other fields. Adults as well as children would then change into their games kits. Afterwards, they begin playing various matches against one another “in the sunny weather” (Friends 113).

There are several games that are played in Boston Common. The games include, holding kites and baseballs, rackets and tennis balls among many others. The games are played by people of different ages. Both “adults and children cheer the games” (Friends 28). In fact, you would witness winning baseball teams screaming with most of parents, busy cheering out for their children that are participating in games. At this particular time, “almost everyone present in the scene wears a smile” on his or her face (Friends 30).

The winning teams in the games extend the celebration even to their animals. They would run around the park with their animals especially the dogs. The dogs would back as if they were aware of what is going on, as if they also participated in the games. According to Friends, the celebration results in more littering of the park with the leaves scattered even more.

It is a real fun in Boston Common during the summer and winter seasons. The Frog Pond offers an outdoor skating rink in the winter with the fountain used for wading pool in summer. According to Vorhees, the two activities interest both children and adults (20). The park is only safe during the day. As a result, Boston Common it is not “suitable for moonlight stroll”. 

In conclusion, Boston Common should not be corporatize otherwise it would start having managerial issues. Instead, it would be better if the park was just left in the hands of Boston people to improve it. The people should see the park as their property so as to make it their preserve.

Buy custom Research Paper on Boston Common essay

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