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Research Essay Formal Outline

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Thesis statement:  in the next ten years, there is a high possibility that the United State will not be depending on oil as a fuel. Drilling location in the United states are likely to became unfavorable. Oil reserves in the United States have caused challenges to the government. Some drilling points have shown sign of reduction in the volumes of crude oil being mined. Recent accident in the oil industry has proved that oil drilling can be dangerous. An explosion in the BP drilling platforms killed workers and caused a lot of loss. The number of drilling places cannot fully support the need for oil for the whole of the United States.

There are fewer drilling places that cannot support the oil demand for the United States population. New inventions in the automobile industry is likely to replace the use of oi. Research is underway to develop automobiles that do not rely on oil. Scientists are working on cars s that would need hydrogen rather than oil. Concerns have been raised on the role of the automobiles in air pollution and this is likely to cause the disuse of oil in American are increasingly being aware of the need to conserve their environment.

The quality of air as a result of pollution is worrying many people who think that something must be done about it. The environmental impact caused by explosion in the BP drilling platform caused a huge public outcry. The price of oil is set to increase and this will reduce its importatio. The price of oil in the international market is volatile and keeps fluctuating from time to time Unrest in oil producing areas like Iraq and Libya are likely to drive the cost of oil per barrel to a level that it will be too expensive to use oil.

Buy custom Research Essay Formal Outline essay

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