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Persuading an Audience

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Persuading an audience is a very critical issue in life. This can be through writing, speaking or using signs. According to Adam’s Article, it is important to consider the type of language to use when writing cover letters to a company. For instance, a well-established company may pay attention to a well-presented cover letter. The language should be understandable and straight to the point. This point is also stressed through the Article “In Pictures.” This article provides that people should try to follow specific guidelines when writing their cover letters. For example, the first sentence should contain your mutual contact name. She identifies that one can relate desires of the job to life experience. The next step can be making a brief description of an individual’s career in that sequence. This will give the concerned company a feeling that the person to employ may be competent enough to carry out the duties.

On the other hand, Covino identifies specific elements of persuasion through dialogue means. He believes that persuasive instance can involve complex interactions of intentions, premises, assumptions, experiences and beliefs. For example, beaver rejected to put on a suit because he had made an agreement with his friends not to wear suits and ties during a banquet occasion.  In this context, his parents did not succeed in persuading him to wear the suit. Since they understood the meaning, they carried the suit. Latter Beaver realized it was important and agreed to his parents’ persuasion. The weather condition and business advertisement are other areas that require persuasive skills. His audiences in this article are listeners whom the speaker must convince by use of an excellent persuasive language.    

Both articles talk about persuading an audience using different skills. In this context, Adam’s article deals with writing skills and Covino on his part is dealing with persuasion by use of speaking skills. All the aspects discussed by both the writers relate to emotional appeals, credibility appeals together with logic and evidence appeals. 

Buy custom Persuading an Audience essay

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