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Online Identity

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Online identity is a social identity of the person, the user establishes on   the networking sites. My online identity is represented on the website Linked in, where I have an account. Linked In is both a professional and a social networking site. At the website I have posted all the personal information, which may be useful for my prospective employers. I have tried to highlight all necessary details about myself, including my professional qualifications, skills and even political views. I have also indicated my prospective employers and why I can be a suitable candidate for positions they offer. I believe, that based on information from my account, employers are able to get some impression about me.


By viewing my profile on Linked in, it is likely that the employer will get a positive impression of my character. My character is clearly described on the webpage, as well as my career goals and reasons to be employed by particular organizations. Because all information about me is clearly stated at my profile, it makes it easier for the prospective employer to get some clue about me.

Being a member of Linked in is enough for my online identity purposes as this website fulfil both professional and social demands. Extending online identity may be in a way detrimental to my privacy. With the rising number of cases of cyber crimes in the society, enhancing the amount of information at your social networking profiles increases the chances that your private information may be reached by hackers, what may cause harm for you.


It is essential to monitor your name in the social site always. To achieve this, register for alerts to enable you to do regular checks of your name. Through all means, protect your personal information, as it can be a source of theft. Assume that all the information posted is seen by everyone and hence, trade with care.

Buy custom Online Identity essay

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