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Learning Composition

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Learning has always been both a challenge and fun for me. Just as how I strive to live my life, the same it is on how I tried to do my best to learn particularly in this composition class. While I enjoing learning to write a composition together with my friends and classmates searching and discovering new things in the world of writers, I was challenged with the application of all these things in my own composition. It was really easier to learn than to apply. The fact that I do not love writing composition as much as others do made my journey both complicated and exiting. But there is one thing for sure: I learned writing composition the way I learned to live my life.

Writing has never been as easy as I thought it before and as most of us think about it. Every detail of a composition holds a certain volume of quality that if not handled correctly, the whole work is affected to the same extent. In this writing class, I learned that every detail such as misplacing a single comma could affect the whole work and reduce its quality. I learned that a comma should be used only when separating items in a series, separating independent clauses, separating an introductory modifier, setting off non-restrictive clauses or phrases, etc. but not between two short independent clauses or neither in a series of adjectives that are used as a single modifier. I learned that if this is not met, instead of clarifying the meaning, the comma would confuse and obscure the meaning to the readers and, therefore, the writer’s real message would not be delivered. Being careful with every detail in composition is the same way important as being careful with every significant detail in life as these details are parts of the whole and if they are not treated correctly, the whole would be affected.

Annotation is another thing I learned in this class. We were taught how to give concise descriptions and make notes while reading a text that will later provide us with information of what the source is all about. At first, I felt like lazy to repeat and write again what I had just read but later on, by doing this, I learned that having knowledge and being aware of the things that we use or we need, whether in composition or in real life, can help us in sorting meanings and keeping us working orderly. I also learned to be heedful of every detail from the source, so I would not meet further difficulties with citing and keeping correct information.

Moreover, I learned how to do research and how to access resources. It is true that resources are always at hand but, if we do not know how to access it, there will be a great problem. We did researches in our school library and we were taught how to look for scholarly sources from the library database. It was not as interesting for me as for other researchers but I was happy that I learned another important thing that is helpful in gathering data for researches. So, whenever I will have another research, I know already how to do it properly. While doing my research paper, I learned how to work in a systematic manner and I found it easier and organized.

Having done researches about slavery for my final essay and having read the book by Harriet Jacobs Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl I became more acquainted with the condition of slavery in the U.S. and became aware of how slaves lived their lives. It is more than the physical pain when a slave grieves for the emotional torture he/she gets and in the story Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl. Harriet Jacobs related to her readers how these physical and emotional abuse did shaped her as it affected her whole being.

Slavery is more than a simple endless captivity as the Northerners think of it in the story. It is more than what the seven-letter word states for itself. Only slaves know what slavery really means because one cannot understand it unless one has gone through it. There is more than the common pain regarded to it, and the depth of degradation is neither seen in the word nor in its definition but in the experience of slavery itself. Jacobs is trying to reflect the undergoing slavery in her country by sharing her own experience in detail. She wanted her readers to become aware that slavery should not be encouraged and, moreover, it should be ceased to be put in practice. From her story, I learned that every person should be sensitive of their fellowmen’s feelings and needs. I also realized that everyone has a responsibility for the persons they came in contact with. Moreover, I felt a sense of gratitude because I am free and I have the liberty a slave wishes throughout his/her life. I was able to give more importance to my freedom than before. I took this class and learned of the misery of being a slave.

From this class, I did not only learn how to write a composition, but I also learned how to compose my own life in a better way. The points I learned not only taught me how to write, but wrote also in my heart the lessons which changed my attitude towards dealing with life. I believe there is a difference in my writing now and I feel better about it because it has helped me to become both a better writer and a more grateful person. In this class, while learning  to write a composition I was taught certain points on how to live my life.

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