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Knowledge Measurement

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            Knowledge measurement refers to the activity undertaken by an organization in order to assess the rating of its staff, technology, processes and content against the expected or peak performance. Mainly, knowledge measurement revolves around staff and is applied during hiring, training, and assessment of performance of staff members. Knowledge maturity refers to the production level of an organization, that is, how effective an organization is at achieving a task and how much risk one would be taking in investing with them. Determination of the knowledge maturity of an organization is done by carrying out knowledge measurement using criteria known as knowledge maturity models. These models describe the basic factors to consider in determining the knowledge maturity of an organization.

            Knowledge Management Maturity Models have been a topic of discussion for a long time. This is because although they provide a means of determining the dependability of an organization or individual, it is not agreed upon what factors should be considered and to what degree. KM spans across a wide range of different activities and at different stages. Furthermore, due to the varying nature of situations facing different organizations, finding an average of what factors should be considered will possibly end up leaving other important factors that may be very important to a particular organization or a particular situation.

            Another problem with KM maturity models is that it is hard to determine the average value even for compatible situations. This is because questions that may arise do not have definite answers. Rather, they bring up many other factors that have to be considered in order to determine the maturity level of the entity at hand. Different people have different perceptions about important elements to be considered. For Example, people will have different ratings on an issue such as a showering activity in determining how clean the subject is.

            In conclusion, it is hence derived that it is not practical to have maturity models in knowledge management.

Buy custom Knowledge Measurement essay

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