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Journal Excerpt Activity

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Intention of the study

The intention of the study was to find out whether the introduction of a journal excerpt activity improves undergraduate students performance in statistics.

Is the study descriptive or inferential?

Though the study has used descriptive analysis, it can be termed as inferential since the findings can be generalized to populations with similar characteristics. On the hypothesis is approved or disapproved, the study findings, conclusions and recommendations can be generalized to the other student populations. The descriptive analysis has also been used to present the study findings and analyze data. The data has been used to test the hypothesis that journal excerpt activity improves undergraduate students’ performance in statistics. The test was on whether the observation made can be termed as statistically significant (McEnery ET el 55). The study is correlation in nature and can therefore be qualified as inferential statistic. It is a comparison between students subjected to journal excerpt and those not subjected and conclusion made accordingly.

Variables used in the study

The variables used in the study were: Gender, date, class, race and performance. The variables formed the basis of data analysis. The variables have been used to form the scales of analysis. The variables selected possess a reasonable correlation with the study. The variables form important factors in analysis (Vaus 188).

Population being studied and common characteristics

The study population depicts the group that the study had interest in. The study population consists of students. They are students in different grades whose age and race also vary. The students targeted were studying together while another group of students was used to make comparison.

The method used in data collection is the documentary research

Statistics methods were used to analyze the data: inferential or descriptive techniques. The method used to describe the data is the descriptive method. However, the study findings were inferential in that the findings can be generalized to explain experiences by similar student population. The method used in data collection can be termed as documentary research because analysis of the recorded students’ performance was used to draw conclusion.

Summary of the study's conclusion

The conclusion was drawn from the common factors analysis undertaken to see whether there was correlation that could b derived using various variables. The variables were analyzed on the basis of common factors. The factors were also classified in terms the dependent and independent factors, so as to identify which variable influenced others and the outcome. The outcome from variable formed the basis from which the factors in research were derived (Vaus 188). The study concluded that the performance by the students who utilized journal excerpt activity was better. The group utilizing journal excerpts outperformed others. The study also found that the results derived from using journal excerpts were impressive, though the method required minimum resources. The study, however cautions the generalization of the study finding which are termed as exploratory. Generalization may also be hampered by the fact that the study findings are derived from a population with unique social and economic characteristics. The study has also sited limitations, especially in comparison to the various study seasons

Agreeing or disagreeing with conclusion

I agree with the study findings because they were statistically arrived at. The findings were also derived from an all inclusive study population. The findings were also derived from study that could be correlated, that the conclusion is reliable in spite of the limitations noted.

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