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Jazz Music

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Jazz is one of the musical that was developed by African Americans and impacted by the harmonic structure of the whites. In most cases, Jazz is marked by the utilization of intonation and blues speeches. There is no specific date that one can account as the day for emergence of Jazz. Research indicate that in the 1840s, there was use of plantation brass accompanied by this kind of music. In fact, the earliest Jazz are said to have been developed in New Orleans which is a city that has mixed cultural tradition and race. Jazz continued to evolve in the days. Most of its composers were thrust into the public sphere. In fact, it became an anthem for the back members of the society. The following paper discusses the effect of Jazz on the black community.

Jazz music was an opportunity for expression of the black Americans. In essence, many blacks had faced discrimination in the United States. They were taken in as slaves. The freed slaves, however, did not get similar treatment to the whites. They would work hard for minimal labor. Moreover, they had to use social amenities that were of low standards compared to those of the white. The evolution of the jazz music was thus significant to their existence. It is because it gave them room to voice their anger, fear and frustration that they did face in their daily life. It is vital to note that Jazz developed from most of the Afro-American music. Moreover, it led to the opening of the discussions regarding segregation and racism based on institution that had characterized the setting. For instance, if Jazz was sung in a public zone, people would unintentionally get into discussion regarding the problem of discrimination. Jazz music thus brought psychological relief to the black

Jazz music created a sense of integration among the blacks (Baskerville 44). Every person needs a sense of belonging. In fact, there is no person who would live to exist as an island. The black Americans were not an exception. They were in foreign land. Moreover, they were undergoing different kinds of suffering. Jazz music thus gave them a form of identity and belonging. They developed a feeling of integration towards each other. They would attend such joints and relieve themselves by singing to the popular tunes. In fact, the evolution of Jazz music gave room for many black Americans to find hope amidst social difficulties. They would enjoy social mobility. They would identify with the struggles that each person was encountering. Consequently, it helped them persevere. Research shows that despite the differences, jazz community remained integrated.

Jazz music escalated the victimization of the blacks. It is a negative impact of the evolution of jazz. Jazz music gave room to the exploitation and discrimination of the blacks (Baskerville 67). It is evident in how Jazz musicians would be treated. The whites remained in total control of the music industry. The black musicians would be exploited unto death. The whites also through the music developed a clear perception that blacks were inferior to them. Consequently, they continued esteeming their perception. In fact, it seemed as though their actions were justified. However, the ultimate win for jazz was that in the long run, they became recognized. The blacks gained their full identity. They had a passion and a way of life that the rest of the society sought to protect.

The discussion reveals that Jazz played a fundamental role in the life of the Black Americans. It was their voice to express their pain and suffering. Jazz gave them a sense of belonging. However, it negatively impacted that by enhancing their victimization.

Buy custom Jazz Music essay

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