Custom «International Job Research Paper» Essay Paper

Custom «International Job Research Paper» Essay Paper

Citizens of the developed countries seek opportunities in the foreign countries due to the rising unemployment rate in their home countries. Areas that require expertise in the foreign countries provide opportunities for foreign citizens. Moving to work abroad requires adequate preparation to ensure that the international experience is smooth. The current paper seeks to explain the steps that I will take to learn, prepare for and begin my international experience.

There exist a great number of employment opportunities in Thailand. Therefore, I would choose to teach English in Thailand. It is so because Thailand adopted teaching English as the second language in secondary schools and universities (Delgado & Boncheva, 2012). English is used as a business language in Thailand; hence, there is a need for teaching students to prepare them in early stages. This provides an opportunity for foreign teachers. Teaching English in Thailand will be a great experience for me. Thais are friendly, and the country is safe. I will consider full time employment in Thailand.

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Thailand uses Thai baht as its currency. Thai baht is in denominations of one, two, five and ten as coins, and notes from denominations of twenty and above. There are several banks that have exchange bureaus where travelers' checks can be exchanged. There are many automated teller machines around the country. Major credit cards such as visa and master card are acceptable in many outlets. This makes transactions to and from home easier.

When moving to Thailand I will be required to obtain a visa from the embassy of Thailand in the United States. My stay in Thailand will last for more than a year, so there are several important vaccines that I need to take before departure. These vaccines include Hepatitis A, which is administered two weeks before travelling and Typhoid vaccine that is administered orally and which is taken at intervals. Japanese encephalitis vaccine is importat because most of the activities to be undertaken will take place outdoor. Hepatitis B vaccine should also be given to those travelers who have not received it recently. Tetanus-diphtheria vaccine will also be important for travelers who have not received it in the last ten years. Travelers that were born after 1956 should get the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine. It cannot be administered if blood tests confirm immunity. Also, one should consider getting yellow fever vaccine.

There exist potential road blocks to this opportunity. It will be necessary for me to learn the Thai language in a bid to acquire better communication skills. There are various concerns that I have regarding this opportunity. Some information about the visa to Thailand is unclear. It is not clear what kind of visa I should take to avoid border issues. Housing is another big concern in Thailand. Foreigners pay double the price paid by natives. I should also take various tests in English as a foreign language to qualify for this opportunity. The teaching profession is not well-paid in Thailand, considering that English is used as the second language.

Thailand has an American embassy; making it possible for United States citizen to be well represented in Thailand. The American embassy is located in the Bangkok city. It is the third largest American embassy in the world. It has various functions to aid the American citizens and advancing United States interest in Thailand and neighboring countries in South-East Asia. The United States of America also has its presence in a consular office located in ChingMai. This consular office serves American citizens in a section referred to as American citizen service that is charged with a task of helping expatriates and issuance of emergency visas to citizens in Thailand and neighboring South-East Asian countries.

The basic language in Thailand is the Thai language. Thailand is a stronghold for Buddhism. A Large number of people in Thailand are Buddhist (Willliams & Ladwig, 2012). Wai is the formal way of greeting. A person will raise his/her hands with the palms held together, then touch the head and in between the chest and bow his/her head. Young people are the first to give the Wai. It can be done while standing or seated. An elder then receives the wai by bowing their heads. Respect is shown by how low the head is bowed. Young people should bow when giving wai to elders who are seated. Thais have strong family ties compared to western countries. Learning how to communicate in Thai will be crucial in this experience. It will be useful when communicating with locals who have no knowledge of English. Thailand is a land with a deep heritage and it observes Buddhist religions and culture. In a bid to relate well with these cultures, I have to understand them better (Williams & Ladwig, 2012). The learning process should be slow and effective.

Thais have different etiquettes in their daily activities. Dining etiquette is very important to understand. I should observe time, though being late for a few minutes is not considered to be bad. On table manners, Thais use a fork and a spoon as their main utensils. Spoons and forks are not used only when eating noodles; they use chopsticks. It is advisable to remove your shoes if your host is barefoot (Ting-Toomey, 2012).

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When served with food, you should leave a little on the plate to show that you are full. However, for rice, which they consider as their daily bread, leaving it on the plate is viewed as wasteful. One is prohibited from licking fingers after meals as it is considered as bad manners. To earn respect from Thais, one has to show a lot of respect to them. It is a long process, but it is a worthwhile experience. Thais judge people on their dressing. Thus, it is very important to ensure that every time I am in well-polished shoes. Conservative attire is highly encouraged; men should wear dark colored suits. There exist some resources that help people to pursue their experience in Thailand.

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