Custom «Homeland Security» Essay Paper

Custom «Homeland Security» Essay Paper

The primary purpose of this paper is to look at communication and organization challenges facing homeland security. First, the essay will outline the context of the problem or challenge, including the history and any policy decisions that have contributed to the situation. Secondly, it will highlight the importance of the problem, and then identify who is impacted internally and externally. Lastly, an explanation why the problem has not already been solved will be provided (Nakaya, 2005).

Homeland security was conceived in 2003 after the 9/11 terrorist attacks that hit the United States. The main purpose of the organization was to protect the citizens of America form terrorism through responding to natural disasters and securing its borders. As such, the organization has grown to be one of the largest U. S. government arm. The organization is large in size since its operations range from national disaster response to airport security and border monitoring. As such, the organization needs qualified personnel and good communication channels in order to meet its prime objectives. Basically, homeland security faces the challenge of lack of communication and organization.

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In 2006, there was Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana and the organization was responsible for the disaster handling. In this case, the organization was criticized, because they lacked the right personnel to handle such disasters and had poor management effectiveness. The destruction that resulted from the Hurricane Katrina was attributed to communication failure. The lack of proper communication caused destruction in Louisiana and a huge loss of lives. The responding personnel failed to coordinate search and rescue operations effectively due to a poor communication. There was also lack of immediate assistance and supplies from other states. The organization also had not enough state-of-the art communication equipment.

With advancement in technologies there has been an increase in depedence and expectations on communication. Organizations should implement complex processes that seek to enhance efficiency of communication network. Nowadays, organizations rely on websites, social sites, and emails to improve communication, and such technological tools are regarded as an organizational way of life. Lack of communication affects all American citizens and government since they feel insecure and frustrated.

In the Department of Homeland Security, lack of proper communication affects the reaction time, control and command, as well as efficiency of organizations for the period of a significant event. The government of the United States works tirelessly in order to overcome the challenge of lack of communication and organization. The effort is shown with a legislation of Communication Act in 2002. The legislation facilitates the establishment of a temporary radio station that is owned and run by the federal agency during significant disaster. The Act also empowers NCS to take on an emergency response, reinstallation, and revitalization of telecommunication infrastructure.  Communication outages have been prevalent due to lack of equipment and incompatibility of the equipments (Smith & Messina, 2004).

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The problem of lack of communication and organization should be addressed, because it is the prime avenue that ensures efficiency of response and rescue operations. The public is regarded as a credible source of information that aids the organization in conducting its operations. Communication will guide respondents on the exact areas that are facing the significant event. Furthermore, proper communication is essential in efficient functioning of the organization. The organization will ensure that right personnel are available, and that information flows through the right channels. It will also stipulate the right response and command chain, which will facilitate easier transfer of information.

The prevalence of poor communication and organization in the Departtment of Homeland Security impacts people and departments, both internally and externally. For instance, the discrepancy is associated with other federal agencies such as CIA and FBI. American citizens feel insecure due to lack of communication and organization in federal agency they trust. As such, they are frustrated, anxious, and feel insecure. The government is also accountable in ensuring security of its citizens through DHS and other federal agencies. As a result, any deficiency in the department will impact negatively on the performance track of the present administration.

The challenge can be overcome through structural changes, which will ensure effectiveness of the organization. The organization servers as an umbrella of other agencies and as such, federal agencies that perform different functions should not merge; this will ensure that the organizations perform their obligations effectively. The government of the United States through legislations has tried to counter the deficiencies that are being experienced by federal agencies, especially the Department of Homeland Security. The legislations seek to ensure that communication instruments are compatible, and that in case of a significant event there is an immediate response and recovery of telecommunication infrastructure.

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In conclusion, it is extremely important for federal agencies to have efficient communication network. The Department of Homeland Security should ensure that the challenge is improved in order to enhance terrorism attacks protection. Credible information in public domain can also be accessed through efficient communication channels. The organization can track the movements and plans of terrorist using intelligence that can be sourced easily from public domain. As such, adoption of technological tools in different aspects of management and communication is crucial in ensuring that the challenge is averted. It is the responsibility of the government and management of the federal agencies to ensure that the problem is prevented.

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