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Government and Communication Testing

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Advances in communication such as social networking websites, texting and e-mailing actually hurt real-life interpersonal relationships rather than make them stronger.
1. People prefer less movement

a) Due to the cost saving aspect

b) Due to the time saving aspect

2. There is reduced need for face-to-face meetings

a) Due to the ability of having face to face talking over technological media

b) Due to the reduced movement required

3. Text messaging, emailing and social networking sites take up majority of people’s time preventing physical interaction

a) When chatting via technological media time is consumed as maximum attention is required

b) When people chat with multiple people, maximum time and concentration is required

Government controlled dietary restrictions on such food additives as trans-fatty acids, high-fructose corn syrup, and sodium will help to prevent obesity and hyperactivity in children and keep medical costs down for adults

1. The government has the most influence in the society

a) The government influences most of the decisions made by the society thus can control the diets of the people

b) The government can influence the society’s diets by launching campaigns

2. The government has the ability to enforce a law that makes it compulsory to follow their dietary procedures

a) Due to it being the law making entity, the government can pass a legislation that commands the people to take better dietary measures for their children to reduce the obesity rates

b) The government can also enact punishments for the people who fail to adhere to its regulations about better diets for the children.

3. The government funds most of the hospitals where this medical care is offered and therefore it influence the advice given to the patients suffering from the diet caused ailments.

a) The government can threaten to pull their funding from hospitals that do not adhere to good diet programs for children

b) Programs can also be introduced to regulate which parents are observing the good diets for their children

Buy custom Government and Communication Testing essay

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