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Global Warming as a Fact or Fiction

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Global warming refers to the rising of the earth’s atmospheric temperature usually caused by human or manmade activities and other natural causes such as volcanic activity. The highest percentage of global warming has been caused by human activities, which include; charcoal burning, coal mining, ranching and use of fertilizers when farming, which releases green house gases (Budzianowski, 2011).  Such gases may include carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide into the atmosphere. Deforestation also leads to increased rise in temperatures since the cut down trees would have trap the heat emanating from these activities.

Effects of Global warming

Low food production

The rise in temperature will cause changes in the rainfall patterns, which will lead to high rainfall or dry seasons. During dry seasons, there will be little or no water for irrigation while during heavy rains, large hectares of land will be flooded according to Hutchings & Gibson (2010). As a result, food production will be low and thus, low food supply.

Rise in food prices

Low food supply and high demand for food will lead to hiking of food prices because people will be competing for the little that the suppliers are able to bring to the market.

Increased Diseases

Global warming will also lead to increased diseases brought about by malnutrition due to low food production, heat waves, increased insects e.g. anopheles mosquitoes leading to more diseases such as malaria.

Increased deaths

More people will lose their lives because of ailments and diseases, drowning in case of heavy rains, hunger due to drought and famine that leads to low food production. Animals will also not have food to eat and will therefore die from hunger and malnutrition.

Increased government spending and loss of government revenues

Floods will demand from the government money to be relocated to areas where there are no heavy rains. Government will also spend more during drought and famine in feeding those affected. Global warming will lead to melting of ice caps and wildfires will most definitely destroy the tourist attraction sites such as mountains. There will be fewer tourists visiting those sites and this will reduce the government’s revenue. 

Loss of property

Properties worth millions and billions of money will be damaged due to heavy rains. Cost to the employers will therefore increase and reduce profits or revenues (Ball, 2007). These costs will be in forms of increased repair and maintenance costs, cost of buying materials for rebuilding again, cost of supervision and cost of paying the constructors.

Global warming can be reduced through the following ways

Recycle and reuse

Papers should be reused and recycled since this will combat deforestation, which causes global warming.

Strict measures, rules and regulations

The government should come up with laws, rules and regulations that will help reduce deforestation and charcoal burning according to Boretti & Watson (2011). Those who defy such laws should be imprisoned or pay some charges as expressed in the Acts of parliament with regard to such matters.

Campaigns and Education

The government and other stakeholders should be actively be involved in creating awareness among people about what is global warming, their causes and effects. The government can also incorporate a subject about global warming in the education system (Dash Wu, 2011). This way, people will become more informed and global warming will be reduced considerably.

Energy conservation

Alternative products which consume less energy should be used e.g. a compact fluorescent bulb can replace a usual light bulb, insulators can also be used, people should walk more as opposed to driving  wherever possible (Ray, 2010).


In a nutshell, global warming is a subject of concern and from the above discussion it is indeed true that global warming is manmade. Its causes are something that can be reduced if not eliminated (Connor, 2005). If so, their effects, therefore, can be reduced a great deal and thus lives and properties can be saved. It is for that reason that everyone should take upon themselves in ensuring that global warming becomes an issue of the past.

Buy custom Global Warming as a Fact or Fiction essay

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