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A group of believers have gathered at an open place. From the turn of events, it is as though they have just have dispatched from church. All members seem much concerned regarding the topic in play. None of them is dormant and each seems to have a point to contribute. One of the group members, a lady actually, interrupts her friends and she does not seem to agree with any of the members. She frequently gestures when explaining her point of view. Apparently the other members seem to appreciate her and each time her turn to talk to talk is over, they clap and laugh before one of the members complements the lady’s sentiments. One of the members, a middle aged man is heard rebuking some evil spirits giving an example of another man who had been prayed for by the pastor. Any time the man talks, all other members listen keenly and they seem serious while their eyes are glued on the man’s face.

After a thirty minutes discussion, the group moves under a tree shade may be to hide from the scorch sun. They now seem comfortable with their new position. It is now much easier to hear what the discussion entails as the place is a bit raised. It is now apparent that the man was talking of a man believed to be possessed by evil spirits. He explains of how the pastor noted it and he called the man for a prayer session. At this point the man explains with much vigor to a point he opens wide his eyes. He talks of how this world is full of evil and no wonder most of the people have been indulging in evil doing and worshipping idols hence being possessed by evil spirits. The others uniformly raise their arms and rebuke while mentioning the devil. The lady who was fond interrupting herb friends now seems acceptable and she agrees on whatever the man says. Actually she is very supportive of the current topic and she even talks of how, many people condone devil’s works unknowingly and ultimately becoming devil’s followers.   

Lady 1: I think it’s time most of these people opened up their minds and learn the tricks by the destroyer. It’s quite hard to note how the devil operates so the best thing is to get prepared my dear brethren.

Lady 2: Exactly. Just look at him (she points at the direction they have come from and where the church is built. Though she never mentions anyone, the rest of the group seems to agree with her and they are quite aware that the lady is talking of the particular man the pastor prayed for). He would have been totally exploited by the devil but God always intervenes.

Man 1: Actually what we ought to comprehend is that the devil is there to sooth no one. Not unless we become stronger in faith and much conscious regarding what is happening, am certain that the world will have to remain desperate as the devil is a liar, he came to steal, kill and then destroy. Let strengthen our faith in Christ. (The others in a chorus say “Amen”).

Man 2. Otherwise God is good. (The others complement “all the time”).

Seemingly all the members agree with one another and seem to share many feelings regarding any topic in play. They all back one another’s point of view and they really have a lot to share. This makes one conclude that these are members of the same church whereby they are attempting to strengthen one another’s faith through encouraging their fellow church mates. At the end the group disperses and only two of the members move in the same direction.

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