Custom «Fast Food & Obesity» Essay Paper

Custom «Fast Food & Obesity» Essay Paper


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Fast foods are very common nowadays, and they are present everywhere in any country. And as fast food chains are growing in number, we can notice that people are growing too, not in height but in size. Obese people are increasing in number with each year. Statistics also shows that obesity is a growing problem not only in the Unites States but in almost all corners of the world. In the United States, around 30 percent of the population is obese. This problem is often linked with the rise of different fast food chains and their multiplication. And because these fast food chains and obesity rates increase together, many public debates assume that the rise of these fast food restaurants is significantly related to the growth of obesity rates. There are some reasons.

The widespread growth of fast food restaurants provides people with easy access to these kinds of food. In this fast-paced world, people are getting busy and do not have enough time to prepare and cook laborious foods at home. And because they are extremely engaged with their works and other things that keep them busy, they will prefer to have a short meal in the fast foods. More than being accessible, fast foods are affordable for almost all social groups. People do not have to wait for a long time to get an order, and fst foods fit their lifestyle. The irony, however, is that these fast foods do not make their bodies fit. However, these people will still choose such kind of food because they think they are hitting three birds in one stone: fast and, moreover, delicious food at an affordable price. Of course, people would not like to eat foods that will not satisfy their tastes; save for the health conscious ones, who will endure the bitter or the sour taste for the sake of their health. The general public is very much enthralled with the delicious and tasty fast foods, forgetting the fact that it would not make them healthy but rather obese, and hence, sick.


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Fast foods are a reality of the present world. We could not deny the fact that these food institutions are continuously growing and invading the today’s society. Simultaneously, obesity is also a dominating health problem nowadays. Accept it or not, the rise of fast food chains has a great effect on the obesity rates among both children and adults.

This food has been already proven to be unhealthy. It is rich in cholesterol, unsaturated fats, sodium, and calories. Obviously, these foods have a great impact on the health of consumers and, believe it or not, on their weight, primarily. People come in and out of these fast food chains and enjoy the sweet, salty, tasty, and delicious food. Therefore, many people are prone to gain weight while enjoying the taste.

More than that, fast foods are giving special interest in attracting the attention of children. They are creating colorful and jolly characters to attract them. The fact food corporations are spending billions for advertisements annually. Once they caught the kids’ attention, they would always want to go back to the fast food restaurant. The parents, therefore, will always bring them there thinking that they are giving their children enjoyment. This is another reason why obesity is very much common among children.

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Moreover, when these children and adults become used to eating this kind of food, they will have a hard time eating vegetables and fruit. They will always look for the crispy, starchy, and sweet fast foods. Their tongues become accustomed to the taste, and they may not notice that they are already addicted to it. These foods promote eating too many calories, sodium, and fewer vegetables, fruit, and dairy products and, therefore, lead people to gain extra weight. But because people become addicted, they will always return to the fast food restaurant to savor the delicious foods, even though, it will only give them additional fats calories, carbohydrates, less nutrition, and more weight.

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