Custom «Family Business Project» Essay Paper

Custom «Family Business Project» Essay Paper

‘Eating too much fat especially in the Junky foods has been observed to be too dangerous to the health’ (Anthony, 1991). As a result, the food stores that are selling the Junky foods have to keep with the mindset of their clients who will keep on complaining about the amounts of fats in the burgers. It is for this reason that that the customers at the Mc Donald’s store have an issue with the amount of fats in the burgers which they believe is for a little bit too high for them to consume. It has been stated that eating too much saturated fats the type that is solid at room temperature increases the risk of individuals suffering from the heart diseases. ‘Eating as well too much of the trans fats which is found in the liquid vegetables oils especially when they are compressed into the solids lead also to the risk of the heart diseases’(Dreeling, Allen and Butler, 1997, p.234). This fays come with the added responsibility of added cholesterol, this are majorly found in the fats that are derived from the animals’ products which as well includes the burgers and other animal’s products. When cholesterol is included, it is responsible for the clogging of the blood arteries. It is therefore very important to eat less fat in the diet and that will reduce the amount of fats that will be associated with the heart failures and the blocking of the blocking of the arteries. Instead of the high fat content in the foods from animal sources, this results will enable the MC Donald’s company to be able to improvise ways in which the fat contents can be made even more richer and more nutritious to the people without any fear of health risks like heart diseases and colon cancer which has been associated with other fat intake. The major concern is that the Burges are derived from animals and the animal fats contain lots of saturated fats which are dangerous to the living organisms. Instead, other sources of fat can be used in the burgers which contain the mono unsaturated fats and the poly unsaturated fats which may be helpful in the diet because they help in the lowering of the body bad cholesterol levels which as well is also referred to as the LDL. In the process there will be chances that there will be a decrease in the risks of the heart disease. Other studies indicate that the mono unsaturated fats lower the LDL cholesterol. In the same manner, it is always increasing the HDL cholesterol which has been considered to be a good cholesterol level. The poly unsaturated fats on the other hand also lower the LDL and the HDL cholesterol and hence the monounsaturated fats are preferred first to the polyunsaturated fats. ‘This will as well enable them to consider the type of fats to reduce and which type of fats to increase with overall effects of reducing the overall fat contents’ (Department of Health and Human Services, 2012). This is for this analysis is that all the foods contain the different amounts of fats saturated fats, the monounsaturated fats and the poly unsaturated fats. The guidelines for the dietary intake of 2005 prescribe that fats should be kept at a total fat of between 20 to 35% of the total calories in a meal. For instance, a total of 2000 calorie diet will need about 30% or about 600 calories which is equivalent to 67g that should the derived from the total fats per day.

The saturated fats should be kept low as well at about 10% of the total calories which is equivalent of the 20g for a 2,000 calorie diet. The customers complains about the fat content in the burgers in a clear sign that the clients are keen on their fats exchange list and also a sign that they are likely  to go for a better option in case they find the other with a low fat content than that for the Mc Donald’s stores. It is very true that everyone needs fats and good fats for that matter. ‘Excessive fats are very dangerous as it is associated with many health hazards’ (Anderson, Young and Borchers, 2008). Some good sources of fats that can be included in the diet include the Omega-3 fats which may be helpful in the prevention of the heart diseases, high blood pressure and other associated diseases that come as a result of the immune reaction leading to the inflammatory reactions in the body. Omega-3 fats can be extracted from the fish and also other sources can be considered as well which makes it even better for the company as well as they will be making it more nutritious. That is how they a will b able to keep the company in business and stop losing business due to due to competition from other businesses as well. ‘Some good example of the poly-unsaturated fats includes the Omega-6 fats in addition to the Omega-3 fats, which in most cases are very essential in the health’(Hodge,2005, p. 14). Their sources are variants which include some sea animals such as the salmon, herring and trout; which are types of fishes found in the sea and other large water bodies. Other plants as well possess the omega three fats which are good though they are less active and include the walnuts, the flaxseed and the canola oil.

The department of health and human services recommends the following outline in the limit of fats consumption.

Total Calorie Intake

Limit on Saturated Fat Intake


18g or less


20g or less


24g or less


25g or less

Source: (American Dietetic Association, 2006).  

This is an assertion that you are required to have 10% of the saturated fats from the total calories ingested. For instance, 20 g of the calories of the saturated fats equals the 100% daily value (%DV) for the saturated fats. The table above provides the best summary of the calorie need for people eating the saturated fats.

The objective of low fat contents is to provide a scientific basis for better products that will meet the demands of the people. The emphasis of this research will enable the identification of the barriers that face the production of the high quality, low fat meat products. This is essential information as well for the manufacturers. It has also been studied that when oat is added to the beef burgers, it traps the flavors from the burgers and it delays their release. The reduction of the fats contents studied before indicated that there is a poor correlation between the textural measurements and the sensory tenderness of the burgers. The texture profiles analysis has a more promising result that includes the hardness and the springiness as the fat content was reduced. ‘These can be made better  when complexed with the other ingredients such as the proteins, starch and vitamins which can be added to make the foods more nutritious and paltable’ (Gei, 2008, p 231).

This is important because the population has become more conscious about the consumption of fats and more especially the saturated fats. This will help in the lowering of the coronary heart diseases. ‘The consumption of meat products is therefore under pressure to regulate the amount of the fats in the meat products by the production of the low fat versions’ (Allen and Dreeling et al, 1999). It is however very unfortunate that the meat naturally contain their organoleptic properties and hence their natural appeal and the reduction of the fat content greatly as well impacts on their flavor, texture, juiciness and the mouth feel which are properties that help in influencing the satiety of the burgers to an individual.


Sampling procedure

The sample of the burgers were collected from the various the various store around the Mc Donald’s store from the places where the complains had been launched. The percentage of fats in each of the burgers were analyzed and recorded. This data is very useful in the test of the hypothesis and also depending with the content value that the Mc Donald’s will provide as will be very useful in helping with the determination that the customers complains are genuine. The results will be very helpful in advising the customers on the validity of Mc Donald’s claims. But more importantly, the customers will be able to make a personalized decision of their health check list to avoid over consumption of the fats and as well make healthy decisions about their eating lifestyles.

Ethical guidelines

Measures are taken to ensure that the shops from which the Burgers were collected were anonymous. I had to select a person that had to personally buy the burgers from all the shops one from each shop and then all of them analyzed. This is because, I did not want to associate the surveys with particular shops and hence the demographic information was very limited and hence enable be to look at the broad characteristics indiscriminately. The demographics did not involve any form of response from the clients but only one response was required from the Mc Donald’s store which coincides with the fats content that had been attached at the label for the burgers. The clients were as well responding to the questionnaires in order to get an open and  honest view of their take of the Mc Donald’s Burgers which could help the company in streamlining their products for good satisfaction of the client’s needs.  The additional ethical concern was about the informed consent. The clients were as well informed of the goal of this response so that they would be honest to participate in this research and also understand why they will need to answer those question in the questionnaires. The clients as well were also selected on voluntary basis and no client was coerced to give us his or her view concerning the information that was required from them.


The questionnaires indicated that most people had an issue to do with the fats content of the burgers. This was about 57% which was a larger group. 13% had no problem completely with the amounts of fats in the burgers. 10% were not sure of what they could respond about their interest in fats  and the other 10% felt that the fats were just in the right amount that would be anticipated in any other burger from any other company.


The 57 % represented the largest group and this prompted as to collect the collect burgers at random and do the analysis to help and the advice of the clients and also to help Mc Donald’s make a decision about their products they are making in order to satisfy their clients need. This indicated that most of the clients have a problem with the fat content in the burgers.

This prompted me to collect the mean fat content and came up with a hypothesis of which I was to base on my research.


 The results are divided into sections, first was the data collected by the questions. In the first part of the results, we collected the demographics of the person, then the places they buy the burgers, the company that makes burgers they prefer and a reason if they had any for the same question and which as well was optional. their fat preferences in the choice of burgers, and finally their opinion of the fat content for those that preferred the burgers from the Mc Donald’s stores which had five closed questions to be answered with a yes or no.

This was the centre of the research as it was to assist estimate the people what had issues with the fats.

The questions included the following:

Place a tick on your right choice that represents your opinion

  1. I have a problem with the Mc Donald’s %fat in the Burgers.    
  2. I do not have a problem with the fats in the Mc Donald’s, burgers
  3. It is just in the right amount
  4. I am not sure about the right amount of fat I need

Question Number

No of respondents










60 Respondents

This was the basis for the hypothetical question in this research.

As such, a sample of 12 burgers was collected and analyzed and this was the data that was analyzed.

The percentage of fat in each of the burger is as follows.

            21        18        19        16        18        24        22        19        24        14        18        15

Mc Donald’s claim that the mean fat content of their bugger is less than 20%,


The demographic involved an age ggroup of 18 years and above. It also involved an equal number of the male and the female. We had thirty male and 30 female respondents which was a fifty percent score for all the genders indicating that there was no bias in the data collection for the analysis. The respondents were all the people who lived


The following data was analyzed with the assumption that the data was normally distributed and they had a standard deviation of three (3).

The hypotheses for his analysis were stated that the average %mean in the fat content is equal to 20% for the null hypothesis.

The alternate hypothesis was stated that average mean for the % percentage fat content in the burgers was approximately more that 20%

This hypothesis’ was tested on a one tailed test to determine the confidence of this hypothesis.


Denoting the fat content by X, then:

X~ N (μ, 32) and it is required to test

H0: μ = 20%

H1: μ<20% (one-tailed)

Significance level, α=0.05 (say)

Critical Region, z<-1.645

Under H0, Mean X~N {20, 32/12}

The test statistics will be


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Since this value does not lie in the critical region. There is no evidence, at least 5% level of significance, to support the Mc Donald’s claim that the average % fat content in the burgers is less than 20.  It is therefore the interest of this paper to reject the hypothesis that the average mean of the burgers is equal to 20. Instead, we then accept the alternative hypothesis that the average %fat content in the burgers is greater than 20g. These indicate that the Burgers that are prepared by the Mc Donald’s stores are too much with the fats content.

This was a breakthrough in the testing of this Null hypothesis. This is because at 5% confidence interval, a value of 19 was determined which is less and it is below the mean actual mean of the data.

The data was as well also very well distributed and as it considered all aspects of the demographics. There was no bias in the data collection and that the hyponthesis was well stated and tested in the proper way.

 The Questionnaires as well was the best in this type of analysis as it helped as collect the honest opinions of the individualswas useful in this data interpretation. We can therefore conclusively state that most of the burgers from the Mc Donald’s stores have higher fat contents.

This is very useful information to both the consumers who are the clients and the company that is manufacturing the Burgers. It is also a useful information in that they will be able t redefine their ingredients that will be key to customers satisfaction which is an essential tool in competition among business. This has been the latest move by the companies in line with combating the health issues such as obesity and diabetes which are lifestyle diseases alongside the coronary heart diseases and the Arthrosclerosis that associated with the eating of the junky foods. In history, Mc Donald’s store will be the first in the production of the burgers with low fat contents and on the other hand, it will be able to create for itself a name that will market it further. This will as well help them consider other animal beef and meat that contain low fat options. This is the best move by the industry as well to be able to counter the customers concern of the amount of cholesterol and the fats which are very dangerous to the health when consumed in large amounts. The oils and the fats as well used by the Store to prepare the Burgers as well will need to be changed to a good alternative that will contain more of the poly unsaturated fats and the mono unsaturated fats which are more nutritious than the saturated fatty acids which are dangerous and lethal to one’s health. For instance, they should consider using the oils from the vegetables. The reason for this is that most vegetable oils contain less saturated fat and they have very little cholesterol in them making the best choice for health.

This is going to be the best strategy in winning more clients because from the data, most of the clients do not like the fats and have a problem it. It is an indication that if given an opportunity, they will avoid the high fat burgers and opt for the low fat burgers. This can therefore be produced by the company to meet their needs and as well be retained in the company that buying from other suppliers of the burgers. Many fasts food as well have opted for low fat options such as serving salads bar that are complete with very low calories dressings. They also sell low fat yoghurt that is frozen as an addition to the ice cream.

A previous analysis indicated that most burger eaters don’t care about the nutritional requirements and this study just disputed that finding indicating that the people are becoming more nutritionally conscious. It therefore means that with a nutritionally sensitive populations, the will have to adopt a new mechanism of marketing in order to avoid a sluggish sales for their products.

This new products will as well be better placed in convincing the customers that the Mc Donald’s stores have their customers health issues I consideration. This will spur much enthusiasm in the general populations and that will be able to promote their business. The labeling as well will need to be updated to read a very low value. This technique may involve as well preparing other ingredients. This process will be able to restore the flavors with less fats and moistness.


The fat content in the Mc Donald’s Burgers are high and hence it is raising some special concerns to the clients. To make it better for the people, Mc Donald’s store will need to reduce the fat % fat content in the Burgers and satisfy the business clients. This will also be an indication of the companies concern of their clients health issues. This is a necessary step as it will make more business for the store and hence able to survive within the competitive business it is engaged on. Mc Donald’s business store will not only be the first company to implement this but the first company to make burgers with a low fat content that is more flavored and well nourished. The data analysis was a success and hence the findings and the discussions above in this research paper. 

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