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Experiment on Folkways, Morality and/or Taboo

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Folkways are unwritten rules and regulations that govern social human behavior in Christian life. Folkways vary on bases of gender from one generation to the other or from society to society.  In this regard, Folkways are established standards of behavior which is maintained and observed by a society.  As a matter of fact, Folkways are important to the society since they help to maintain the required standards in the society. Thus norms are standard and values for any group which is organized socially.  Folkways which defines what expectations and what behavior thoughts or feelings are appropriate within a given group within a given context is more common (Deborah 2000).This research paper seeks to explore what are Folkways, violation of Folkways across gender, culture and its effect. Further, it focuses on the experiences that are associated with violation folkways.

Literature review

Deborah (2000) argues that Folkways are the agreed expectations and rules which guide the behavior of its members of certain society in all aspect of life. For this reason, Folkways differ widely across cultural societies.  For instance, Americans are expected to maintain consistent direct eye contact when talking with other people. In contrast Asians, avert away their eyes contact as a sign of being polite and respectful. Moreover, folkways are referred to as conventions and they are accepted standards of behavior that are socially approved and are morally very important to the society .on the other hand , they differ from Mores  which are defined as norms of morality while certain behaviors are regarded as taboo, meaning that the culture does not allow them completely.

Cynthia (2001) puts the matter under discussion to light by pointing out that Folkways are regarded as a formal set of rules that are governed and enacted by the state. For this reason, Members of a certain culture are needed to abide to its Folkways so as to promote its existence and function. Folkways are often influenced by factors such as religion, the environment they live in, the kind of government people abide by.  


 According to Deborah (2000) Folkways are prospects that determine how people reason, think, make judgments and behave. For this reason, our daily lives are guided and directed by Folkways so we are bound to take social norms for conducting ourselves in a modest way.

Violation of Folkways

I will use my primary school as an example of violation of Folkways experiment.  I once undertook the task of breaking some Folkways rules in my school.  One day, I waited in class until every body went for lunch. I collected all the pens and any other valuable necessity which pleased me from the other students which were lying on the bench. I packed them self and left for home. In the following day, every body in my class was furious with me since some of the lost items were recovered from me. The matter was reported to my class teacher who latter gave me some punishment. Latter on, after the teacher guided me on how to make right decision and evade away from wrong doing while in school I learned that it was wrong to take away other students belonging without their knowledge of consent. I learned that different students have different reaction if they were crossed. In addition it came to my knowledge that students have different understanding in regard to Folkways since most of them came from different, races.

 The matter was forwarded to my parents; my mother enquired why I did it. She sounded so offended and disgusted at me. At one time she showed clearly her negative attitude. I told her that it came to my knowledge that I had done wrong. For that reason I apologize to my mother, so I did not feel like l was an outcast. In addition I learned that, the school   is an essential place where students can be modeled the student can be led to decide what is normal and abnormal, It came to my knowledge that stealing for whatever reason is not socially accepted and it does not match to  school  Folkways .


 From that day it comes to my knowledge that every single thing we do in school is jud governed by Folkways.  We are taught by our parents and teachers of what to do and what not to do. In this regard, school I understood that folkways are ideals for better living in school.

In conclusion school students should develop a culture of good Folkways  where student are given guidance in making logical decision based on Folkways values. When Folkways are broken we should learn to correct the offender by condemning the offender without humor, panic, anger or emotions.

Buy custom Experiment on Folkways, Morality and/or Taboo essay

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