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Effects of Immigration on Jobs

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The article “Effects of Immigration on Jobs; Wages Is Difficult for Economists to Nail Dow” explains on the effects of the people who migrate and decide to stay in America. It indicates that the people have assisted in economic growth though there are some side effects. The people who migrated to America have displaced the workers from America. Those without high school diploma have entered the working in casual jobs hence reducing the wages. The manufacturing jobs have declined, and this made more citizens to remain jobless. Despite the side effects, immigrants have assisted a lot in the growth of economy, because they provide service with cheap labor. They pay for government taxes, and this assists in growth of economy of some state. Many immigrants join social unions, but they go back before retiring and they do not claim for their dues.

The article, “Defying Trends, Canada Lures More Migrants” explains that Canada has benefited from immigrants. Those under Manitoba provide casual services like driving, carpentry, plumbing, and weaving among others. They provide the service at cheap price and this makes Canada safe. Those pay rent and other bills and this increases government revenue because of huge tax. Immigrants also determine the political wave because about 20% of Canadian voters are foreigners. Canada needs more foreigners to provide casual services with low wage. The immigrants have improved Canadian economy.


The immigrants add value to the economy, because they make the country more congested. Some of the immigrants leave their country due to bad record, and when accepted to stay in foreign country, they may later develop criminal behaviour and become a threat to security. Countries should resource the citizens and train them to provide all services. When a terrorist enters a certain country, he can bring more loss than 100 immigrants bring. Each country should handle immigrants with great care. 

Buy custom Effects of Immigration on Jobs essay

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