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Educational Research

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The computer search of Eric and other databases can be both advantageous and disadvantageous. The advantages of these computer searches is that they are easily searchable since they consume less time as compared to other sources like the secondary sources where one will be forced to read a lot of articles and books which is very time consuming, they are interactive, accessible and inexpensive. The disadvantages of these computer searches is that they are very difficult to read from the computer screens, they may not be authentic and reliable, their citation is perishable, and their archiving is very difficult.

Based on my discovery in the Current Index to Journals in Education (CIJE) article abstracts where I found out that it is absolutely necessary for one to try and locate and get to read all the original articles and the original papers instead of relying on the information which is presented in these abstracts. Sometimes this information may be alterable and not reliable since it is not printed material which can easily be archived.

Secondary sources have been considered to be very good places to look information about a topic because they discuss a piece of information which had already been presented elsewhere. It is the information which has been collected and gathered by researchers and then recorded in articles, books, and other publications. This shows how reliable and factual the information which is got from secondary sources.

The most valuable traits of secondary data sources are that it not time consuming, one can be able to gather data from a wide selection of sources like articles, books, and other publications since the secondary data source is a summary of a set of records, and it provides the user with a large database of information. The major limitations of secondary sources of data are that the data cannot be verified or checked and the data which is got from the secondary sources may sometimes not be reliable because if it is too old, it becomes obsolete because of the emergence of new researchers and critics.

There are some library holdings which are considered to be primary sources of information like the Peabody Museum of Natural History, the Yale’s twenty-two libraries, the Yale Art Gallery, and the Yale Center for British Art. These library holdings are considered to provide the direct evidence about a topic which is under investigation at first-hand and were often created by the witnesses or the recorders who recorded the events when they occurred and they include memoirs, autobiographies, and the histories which were recorded later.

Sometimes in our daily lives, we are forced to access very large numbers of reports when we are reviewing literature on educational topics. One should be able to come up with a research topic, then after that you try to locate all the information which can be relevant, evaluate the content, synthesize knowledge, and finally make a summary insight. I believe that this process can work for me because if I can be able to come up with a topic, then it shows that I don’t have to read all the books and articles in the library because the topic would lead me to coming up with a good content and summary of the review. The topic would make me focused.

The knowledge of statistical concepts and terms can enable one to be able to interpret all the research reports accurately. This understanding of these concepts and terms can help us in our decision making and they are not very hard to master and this mastery will help us to use accurately the large numerical information that we encounter in our daily lives. Through this knowledge, one can be able to interpret and critically evaluate all the data-based arguments and statistical information which appears in the media channels and make a good sense of these statistics in the polls and the media.

Buy custom Educational Research essay

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