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Earth Science Research

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Gardner defines the solar systems as a combination of the sun and other astronomical bodies that are attracted towards the sun by gravitational force. These astronomical bodies rotate around the sun (Gardner & Labaff, 2007). According to Gardner and LaBaff, these bodies are formed from remains of cloud molecules. In addition, they consist of other smaller objects that rotate around the sun.   

Role and limitations of computers in scientific research

In my view, as the article states, there is still much more to be studied on Earth. Computers can thus be used in gathering information concerning various aspects of Earth. Research depends on accuracy of data. Computers can, therefore, be used to obtain, analyze, interpret and store such important information that has been gathered during the research studies. According to Kraut, Brynin & Kiesler, computers also assist in doing complex research computations, complex data analysis as well prediction and forecast modeling (Kraut, Brynin & Kiesler 2006). When researchers use computers in their research studies they gain access to a wide range of credible scientific information from other electronic sources and internet. In geographic research, computers can be used in mapping of cartographic works.

However, it is worth noting that computers will completely depend on data-input fed to it by the users. In this case, therefore, if the researcher enters incorrect data into the computer’s system, the informational output from these data will be equally wrong and unreliable. In addition, data stored in a computer is vulnerable to manipulation or damage which leads to unexpected loss of vital information. This further diminishes the quality of research work. Similarly, overreliance on the internet may lead to obtaining information from deceptive or untrustworthy sources. This also encourages over-dependency.

Buy custom Earth Science Research essay

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