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Critical and Creative Thinking

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Critical and creative thinking can be applied in many areas inclusive of the nursing field. In nursing, critical and creative thought can be used for clinical thinking, decision making and action nursing practices. The graduate nurses can apply critical and creative thinking to come up with nursing and other appropriate theories and models and an appropriate ethical framework. They can apply it for research-based knowledge; clinical judgment and decision making skills; creative problem solving practices; evaluation of nursing outcomes and deciding on the best practice; and performing a self-dialog on the professional practice.

It is important for the clinicians to think critically and creatively for the best medical outcomes and for the satisfaction of their patients’ need. The use of critical and creative thinking is very important in the decision on the condition of the patients and the medication and the kind of follow up to be made. When engaging in such practices, the clinicians gain experience in working with different kinds of patients for the better future.

The term free will means the motivation to make decisions that are not constrained by external circumstances or by actions such as fate and divine influences. Truth means the actual fact that can be proved. Knowledge is the condition of acquaintance with the facts truth or principles of someone or something gained through the study, investigation, or erudition, experience or association with it. Opinion is a subjective subject or a personal view, attitude or appraisal that results from ones emotions or interpretation of facts.  The four are used when forming thoughts. When responding to a lecturer’s question for instance, all these aspects will be included. Free will is the part that will allow one to respond freely within reasons, truth allows one to remain faithful to the topic in question, knowledge is the study, investigation and research performed that  allows one to deliver facts on the subject matter and opinion guarantees that one will give his or her own views on the subject.

The hindrances to critical thinking can be categorized into basic human limitations, hindrance due to use of language, psychological and sociological pitfalls and faulty or logic perceptions. Conformism, prejudice, ethnocentrism, assumptions, relativism or subjectivism, egocentrism, intimidation by authority, memory lapses, ignorance and coincidence are just but a few examples to mention. We will look at perception, egocentrism and intimidation by authority. Perception involves being unaware of one’s own perception limitations that can lead to misconception. Egocentrism means defending your views for your own popularity and intimidation by the authority is acting to please the authority. Perception can be solved by referencing other sources for more knowledge. Egocentrism can be solved by understanding that we can also have limitations by our wishful thinking. Lastly, intimidation by the authority can be solved by recognizing that any appeal to the authority is irrelevant to providing logic grounds for critical thinking.

I once experienced a hindrance when I was stressed up and was to make a decision on student leadership campaign strategy. The physical and emotional hindrance gave me the lowest rank in the pre-election poll. After resolving it through restraining from decision making while stressed up, I emerged the winner.

Thinking on the roads and highway billboard message “DON’T drink and drive”, could mean buying drinks and taking them while at home or in the lodging, drinking and hiring a cab or letting someone else to drink for you to drive. I actually thought that it was meant to promote the cab business in the market.

The actual meaning of the message is that upon drinking alcohol abusively, there are many dangers imposed to one when driving. You can have an accident on your way home while driving or cause an accident. The results of these would be fatal injuries, distractions or even death. The difference between the actual meaning of the message and the first impression that it causes in the perception is sound. Unless one has a deeper insight into the subject matter of the message, the wrong message can be taken in hence resulting into the worse. The billboards therefore pose as reminders of the dangers in drinking oneself silly and driving.

Buy custom Critical and Creative Thinking essay

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