Custom «Computer Engineering» Essay Paper

Custom «Computer Engineering» Essay Paper

Computer engineering is one of the career paths that are quite challenging and require enough time for one to fulfill. In order to become an excellent computer engineer a person must have enough practice and an in-depth education of not less than 6 years. Computer engineers offer both data and information required by firms, companies, or organizations. These individuals are entrusted with the role of conducting research, the tasks of designing new computer based devices, and coming up with new strategies and problem solving principles that can play a crucial role in transforming the technological urge. This research paper expounds specific facts about such issues as education requirements, responsibilities, skills, payment, education job or work, and benefits associated with the career.

The history of Computer engineering as a career path may be traced to China because of the invention of the Abacus. This history dates back to hundreds of years ago. An Abacus was a manual (man-operated) calculator. The operation of the calculator was achieved through the use of beads. The movement of the beads was in such a way that when it went forward and backward it could allow such mathematical operations like addition and subtraction. There were other inventors working on this issue, one of them was Blaise Pascal, who improved an arithmetic machine invented by his father. Also Charles Babbage, who is considered to be a father of the current computers, invented an Analytical Engine that was utilized in solving mathematical calculations. The paper is aimed at analyzing the computer engineering as a career and everything that pertains to it. This research is performed to summarize all the information related to computer engineering such as education, benefits, market statistics, as well as the roles that are expected from an individual called a computer engineer.

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Methodology/Approach Used

The research hasbeen conducted on 150 identified respondents of both genders, from different age groups and with different backgrounds. The data collection methods have been applied through the use of the following methods:

  1. Use of questionnaires: a set of printed questions were distributed to all the respondents
  2. Interviews: a sample group of 30 respondents had to be interviewed.
  3. Researching on other online resources and in computer engineering books and journals.


After the analysis of the collected data, the findings of the research were as follows:

Roles and Duties Associated with the Career

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According to the findings, a computer engineer just like any other professional in the market has some tasks entrusted and expected from him irrespective of how big or small the organization or company is. These duties and responsibilities also do differ in respect to the level of the position a person is occupying.

The research also shows that in bigger organizations or companies, a computer engineer can be employed at the position of an assistant engineer and will grow up through experience to senior management position. Through years of experience and after showing a good track record of a certain kind of work, one is capable of climbing way up to senior position and maybe even engineers’ manager.


From the respondents, it was noted that the benefits in this career are only directed to the individuals who are defined as having an attitude of appreciating challenges and working towards solving them. The career itself puts an individual in challenging positions; a person will always work hard to come up with the best solution for an already existing problem in the society.

In the studdy made in the USA in regards to salaries and wages of different professions, it has been revealed that a computer engineers’ salaries are really captivating (the USA stands at a scale of around $1667 and $5417) per month. From the research, it is advised that if a computer engineer wants to get a senior position and rise up the rank, he/she should take an initiative of gaining experience from the time they are still pursuing the college or university education by participating in internship opportunities (Hamen, 2011).

Educational Qualification

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In our in-depth analysis of the profession, we have noted that for one to be crowned as a true engineer, he/she has to pass through years and years of intense education and also have substantial know-how in the area that is gained through having worked in a real-time environment (Ito, 2009). One requires at least a university 1st or preferably 2nd degree. In the university, the individuals are taken through an education curriculum that covers some essential areas that pertain to the field. Most of these units disclose computer and engineering related concepts that will usher them to a real-time environment during their internships programs. After some years in college, one requires to undergo a real-time working for some years to gain experience from the field (“Career Opportunities,” 2007). In essence, it is a piece of advice for young individuals in the profession who are in a college: they should ensure that they put what has been learnt in class into practice; this will help them in gaining experience and industrial skills.

From our analysis of the findings, it may be revealed that Computer Engineers are groomed from their high school studies. Back into the secondary education curriculum, some of the subjects like computer, mathematics, and sciences help and prepare an individual in advance for these advanced and technical careers (Parhami, 2009).

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