Custom «Business Research for Decision Making» Essay Paper

Custom «Business Research for Decision Making» Essay Paper

Two terms come to mind in the description of the major approaches to management. The major or organizational research can be either qualitative or quantitative. There might be other terms used to describe small aspects of research such as positivistic, functionalistic, or optimistic. There could also be subjectivitistic, as well as, interpretivist used to describe the qualitative research methods. In fact, quantitative research might be seen as objective and this case does not relate to the knowledge or experience of a person and thus would be relating to the phenomenon or thoughts that are perceptible to mall of the observers in this case.

 This would rely heavily on the statistics and the knowledge, while on the other hand, the qualitative design subjective, which does relate to experience and knowledge and this may be conditioned by personal mental characteristics or states. This prefers to look at the language used having a partiality to the linguistics and the description in the making. There have been instances where the qualitative aspect has been used in the attempt to reduce distance between the context, as well as, the action and this is done through trading while using linguistic symbols.

In other words, the approach would simply be termed as using the examinations of perceptions in order to gain the understanding needed of social and human activities. The distinctions stated here about the two approaches are essential in recognizing the ones necessary in the research design illustrated in the paper. Unfortunately, they do not portray different paradigms that underpin the various approaches and how these would go to affect the research process (Williams, 1998). On this basis, there has been interest in the dichotomy in the research process and this was taken to reveal the relationship between the research, as well as, the research process and the principle research paradigms.

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Defining the question

Having said that when carrying out hypothesis testing on the Sekaran Research Process and MGT600 Roadmap there are certain aspects that needed attention. The assignments that have been completed as far are a systematic process whereby one designs and develops formal research (Solution Library, 2011). The requirements of the assignment in this case, required the use of knowledge and experience, as well as, skills acquired within the previous three weeks to apply it as a published research activity. This would be referred to as part of the necessary group activity

According to the research method, the analysis itself as it were was a comparative assessment whereby, it would show how well the author or the authors have of the selected research  have fulfilled all of the steps that were presented as shown in the textbook figure. The analysis in this way, focused on a certain research process rather than on the topic of research itself. Therefore, content was to fill I the blanks t give them something to work with when the topic of discussion was the method actually. In this way, paraphrasing the author of the text would not be the as already stated I the research text would not be key.

The analysis should be geared toward the assessment of the adherence to the research process. Thus, this would be an in depth look at the method itself and asses pros and cons. The analysis would be quite objective and gear toward assessment result with the aim of better improving the method through the recommendations. However, this must be done by not only looking at one-step a sub steps at a time instead of looking at the whole picture. These steps are in such a manner, that they should be progressive leading to the other.

The interrelationships that go on between the steps are also essential to the analysis. The specific published research selected for the group project in this case would contain the basic components of a basic formal research project. The data collected for the research design should also range from secondary sources. These include the internet, internationally recognized government documents, as well as, statistical and census data (Scribd.com, 1997). The Sekaran (2003) Research Process & MGT600 Roadmap would be the subject of analysis. There are few periodical s on the project and even less published material, but there are figures and illustrations, as well as, reviews on the internet.


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The main aim of planning the research design would be to decipher how to test the hypothesis (Ginorio, 2011). The IP2 and IP1 are not as different and might as well be classified, as one-step instead, will have to be reviewed though the steps of the research process itself. The main difference between the two aspects is that one contains five steps while the second has six steps while the later has the same steps, but the last. In this case, the reference point would be the ‘The Sekaran (2003) Research Process & MGT600 Roadmap’ figure according to the (American InterContinental University-Online, 2007).

Collecting data

The collection of the data would be done from the figure illustrated, as well as, use previous research whereby the research process has been used to cover as part of the research design. There are web pages available that contain reviews a well as methodologies on the research design that would be used for analysis. The data collection has to come from different sources I order to maintain a solid and objective side to the research topic. This would guard against biased results or processes that would go on to affect the results.

Organizing the data

The next step would be to organize or/ and to provide a summary of the work involved in this way. The data would include statistical results, as well as, the reviewed data that had undergone necessary analysis. This will go to a tabulated or convenient forma t where the rresults and findings could be deduced by anyone even if they had not taken part in the research itself. This could entail graphical representation of the data in graphic form so as to be clear to some observing the data. Statistical representation may also be in pie charts or line graphs.

Thereby, the question would arise if the data used or represented were relevant to the research itself. In this way, one should bring the methodology into the results and the conclusion. If these are not directly related to the research problem, the methodology, results as well as, the conclusions of that study will probably be directly impacted by the problem at the source of the research. Usually, methodology is structured by the research questions. In other words, it is steps that are taken in order to derive the valuable answers needed (Levy and Ellis, 2008).

Interpretation and drawing of conclusions

This is the step that entails drawing back from the data itself and looking at it from a new perspective. This may reveal answers to problems such as if there were an alternative hypothesis that might explain the findings of the research. This also includes if one is receiving all of the data that is necessary. Even if it was a wild card or it leaned to an extreme, this does not matter if it is relevant to the research. The results should also show a comparison to what should happen that is the hypothesis itself.


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Here, the conclusion also gets into the picture. In order for the conclusion to take effect, one must consider the methodology. In general the methodology should be detailed and contain facts of when where and how. These methodologies would provide the research tools through which the interested party would use to produce the study results. This would include such things as the data and the evidence used to conclude on the research questions in this case. Therefore, how would the research affect the community? These big picture questions should be of priority in this case.

Many things would go into the conclusion such as the appropriateness of the research goals for the study such as the comparison of IP1 and IP2. This includes the type of research conducted on the two methodologies, as well as, the research questions that needed to be answered.

Communicating the results

At this time, the audience should be the priority and emphasis would be provided as to their identity and their background. In this way, one would know how best to communicate with them. This could be done using a variety of methods ranging from written report, oral presentation, as well as, video and visual aids. Thus, what visual aid would best help the audience understand the research? At this point, the researcher would go back and make sure, if the data is all in there in terms of formatting. This means whether the introduction, description, results and the conclusion are addressed in the communication. 

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