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Brand Architecture

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The brand architecture research is based on the need to have global uniformity on the brand made. Though these brands may have different pricing due to economics of the given countries, there is a reason to fit in the international market. This therefore ensures that the brand which has reached the international level has been well established in the market and therefore becomes an international brand. To ensure the reputation of the brand internationally, the marketing of the brand has to meet the need in the society that use the brand and convince them on the importance of the need to use it. 

Quality, if the product becomes a major challenge when the brand has to have an international recognition. As a major objective to reach the international market the local and global coverage of the product sold has to be attained in all aspects of marketing (Petromilli et al, 2002). Right brand architecture is therefore very necessary to alleviate the profitability of the company and lower its costs in marketing investment. As asserted by (Rajagopal and Sanche, 2004, p. 235) that “the conventional strategies of brand architecture have been developed to reference to equity charter, leverages and brand profitability”.

The international market has the need to have different brands to cater for the different tastes as preferred by different consumers those who are interested in the brand (Scavarda et al, 2010). Generally, different beverage industries manage the global marketing of their brands due to the reason that; within different geographical locations the users of the brand have different tastes and thus they maximize on the taste and preferences of the different brands for different consumers. Also, to ensure proper brand improvement on the global market the way of naming the brands and the labeling should be set to fit the environment and the likes of the users of the brand.

Problems may arise related to the international sales of the brand if a company decides to partner with another company. This sometimes may lead to fight between partners. If one partner becomes untrustworthy and may decide to sell a different product with the same brand name and this in turn may tarnish the company reputation (Pierce & Moukanas, 2002).

If in any case the there is partnership collision on business one partner may decide to deceive the quality of the product and thus making it a global issue to undo the damage. Brand marketing becomes very crucial at this level if the partners cannot withstand the competition and this can lead to the company terminating that project. On the other hand, when the architecture of the brand hits the international market it’s for the company’s merit. This ensures profit maximization in the long run and the business is stabilized (Kirby & Kent, 2010).

Company Brand Architecture as strategy

Many companies have used the brand architecture to ensure international market coverage. Companies like Coca cola have used this strategy and it has really worked. In most cases, the consumers rely on the popularity of the product hence corporate brand is carried among other brands that the company is promoting. Therefore, it’s important for companies to use this strategy when planning to go global and maximize on the profits. Brand partnership can be very important when it comes the selling of the product in different sections of the international market (Chailan, 2009). This helps in reaching the interior markets thus ensuring higher sales and profit maximization.

Summing it up, the effectiveness of brand architecture in the international market greatly depends on the quality of brands and not on quantity. Reducing the number of brands will help to augment the quality of the said product. Adaptation of beverage industries in different geographical locations is therefore necessary with due consideration to the fact the each geographical location have varied tastes as well as in demand products.

This simply means that different strategies and recommendation must be in accordance to the applicability of brand architecture and partnership in international marketing. The concept of brand architecture “seeks to create the best view of the company’s brands from the perspective of the marketplace”(Osleer, R., 2003, p. 438). Brand architecture is therefore the core pillar of marketing hence proper monitoring of the events involved in the brand architecture must be given preference with appropriate strategic plans.

Buy custom Brand Architecture essay

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