Custom «Bilingual Effects» Essay Paper

Custom «Bilingual Effects» Essay Paper

The article “Being bilingual may delay dementia” was written by Jennifer Huget LaRue on the Washington post.  This fascinating paper was published on Thursday in the April issue of the Journal cognitive sciences analysis.  Jennifer carried out a study about the cognitive science trends and came up with various results. In her study, she realized that dementia among the elderly may be slowed down by being a bilingual.

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Further research was later carried out by a group of Psychologists led by Bialystoc of York University in Toronto. From the research findings, Jennifer shows that various benefits of the brain health are totally muted among the adults. Investigations further showed more pronouncements on the elderly group of adults.  In her article, Jennifer performs an analysis of the dementia among adults and the elderly. Jennifer clarifies that bilinguals normally show symptoms of dementia at their elderly age.

A case study conducted amongst the dementia elderly people four years ago revealed that most of those who showed symptoms of dementia were bilingual. Alzheimer is yet another form of dementa disease widely spread as a result of bilingualism. In her paper, Jennifer outlines difficulties likely to be faced by those who speak a variety of languages. Firstly, bilinguals give the brain a very heavy task of sorting out what words to use whenever they would wish to switch to any given language. The second issue is that their brains are ever kept agile. Agility of the brain results from a burdening task of screening on which word form which language best fits the situation. In most cases, becoming a bilingual is not by choice but chance depending on compelling circumstances.

In Jennifer’s discussion about the health effects of bilingualism, he mentions that the brain is greatly affected by the state of multitasking. Our psychology book states that the hippocampus part of the brain is a component of the limbic system. The book states that “one of its jobs is to help us remember the location of objects.

Another case of similarity is realized in the “The Last Child in the Woods” book by Richard Louv. In this article, the author talks of a disorder referred to as “outdoor deprivation disorder”. The similarity betweenn the two scenarios is that Jennifer’s case equally concerns brain form of disorder related to bilingual effect.

I particularly chose this paper article because the current international lingual standards requirements. In order for a person to survive well in most countries in the world, it is important for an individual to be bilingual. Throughout my life, I would have wished to be an international figure across the entire globe. In relation to Alzheimer and dementia, I have a fear engaging in this international venture because it may overload my brain. In addition to that, this venture may make me vulnerable to brain diseases related to bilinguals. I found this article so educative and interesting in its simple way of addressing points. From this inspiration, I need to further a research on some other negative effects of bilingualism on the brain.

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Now I understand what some of the physical symptoms of dementia are and can better relate to the situation I would have been in. Also, it is important for society to understand how bilingualism affects the brain so we can try and take steps to prevent it in order to remain healthy and happy. 

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