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Alfred Green

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In April 1861 Alfred M. Green gave out a speech in Philadelphia, the very first month that the civil war started. African Americans were not in a position to be in the Union army, although Green had the opinion that they should try to be considered in the army and to be enlisted. Green used to influence his fellow friends who were Africans to join the popular Union forces. He was one of the affected races and thus felt it was his responsibility to encourage individuals to join in the fight. Dred Scott had to endure many months of imprisonment after being charged with treason. This resulted in unfair judicial rulings that came about as result of investigations. In spite of all they endured, their pay was sympathy and concern regardless of the difficulties they survived to bring about emancipation. 

The most important thing that Dred preached to the people was not to complain over the mistakes that had happened in the past but to deal with the future. One is bound to act responsibly so as to achieve individual objectives. The consequences of thinking about the past encourage bitter memories and these acts as an impediment to the development of the country. The fighting spirit and enthusiasm to get back to the battle field is a disadvantage because it brings about unfairness and discrimination. This is because it creates unfair playing field as not every one is in a position to enjoy the civil and religious rights.

It was time for the people to unite and come together and fight the social evils and entrench vales such as patriotism, freedom and tolerance to religion and civil rights. These were the principles that were important to bring about independence and equality among the different races. Historical moment in the great Republic was evident as the world was giving birth to a race which was brave and patriotic. Individuals had to fight for the soveignity of the country regardless of whether it was an equitable and a tolerant nation.

These core values are important as they are the guiding factor that encourages true patriotism. The bravery deed of the fore fathers that was started by the immortal revolutionaries of Washington in the year 1776 by Jackson, and other people in the war that took place in the year 1812 was significant. Citizens could not enjoy the privileges as their rights which were an essential part of their lives were denied. Despite the fact that the forefathers had to endure a lot of suffering to bring out independence, still the rights of the noble people were not respected.  The many scars that were left behind as a result of the war were a symbol of respect as they were part of the slave laws.  

It brings into focus the importance of emphasizing to hope for better future and developing the present favorable moment .Such a conducive environment creates a new just and a honorable Republic. It is important that the honor bestowed to the forefathers for bringing about change should not be tainted with shameful actions by the people in order to proclaim heroism acts. Dred brings into focus the importance of trusting in God so as to protect the righteous and bring about freedom and general political parity. People should disregard the common message preached by the howling leaders that encourages treason and secession. This system encouraged tyranny and slavery in the American Republic.

Lastly, enlisting the people in the Northern troops would encourage the oppressed individuals living in the south to have the spirit to overthrow the system of government that was dictatorial. At the same time, it would restore confidence in those who believed in God as the Supreme Being and one that demands a life full of honesty, truth and equality amongst all people.

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