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Alcohol Drinking among College Students

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It is very evident that it is very hard for a college student to resist an offer such as “another glass of beer?” or “here, have another beer on my bill.” Due to this, college drinking habits have drawn concerns by public health on the consequences of engaging in heavy alcohol drinking by college students. It is clear that colleges’ students involve in drinking habits displays certain patterns which are attributed by factors such as peer pressure, access to large amount of alcohol and wrong decisions undertaken by this students. reports from the national survey indicates that from the year 1999-2005, college student who drank five or more drinks between the age of 18 and 24 increased from forty one percent to forty five percent calling for an alarm (Ham & Hope, 720).

This paper will greatly review on the reasons why college students involve themselves in excess drinking, in what ways are organizations within colleges intend to reform and improve school drinking behaviors and what are the consequences of consuming alcohol in excess.  It was in the year 2002 when the national institute on alcohol abuse and alcoholism called for quick action toward the increased drinking among college drinking in the United States. Not only is excess consumption of alcohol affecting the individual but also other people who are round them. It is increasing been noted that most students engages in excessive drinking so as to signify their adulthood, to cope with stress and to enhance collective gatherings.

With such an alarming rate in amount of alcohol being consumed by today college students as compared to the past, it is very important that we try to find out what are the main reasons that force these students to engage in excess alcohol consumption. Before trying to discuss the various reasons as to why college students engage in excessive drinking it is important that we first try to define and understand what excessive drinking is (Warner, 56). Excessive drinking is defined as high rates of consuming alcohol which are mainly associated to negative consequences towards an individual consuming it and the people close to him.  There are several factors which are known to cause the high rate of drinking among college students. Some of these factors include;

Peer pressure. Morean et al (230) observe that it is very important that we define what peer pressure is, the term peer pressure can be defined as how a teenager or an adolescent’s behaves in the influence or in the  presence of her or his adolescents friends. In this case of excessive alcohol consumption, this term has been divided into two that is; active and passive peer pressure. In active peer pressure, a college student may receive an explicit offer to drink more alcohol or just receive spoken criticism for refusing to indulge in alcohol consumption. When in the presence of such friends, a college student may be forced to drink more alcohol so as to avoid such criticism. Other than criticism, one can be subjected to direct pressure such that they are made to participate in drinking games or ordering of many rounds of beer or wine while in the bars and discos. Since different college students don’t want to shy away from the various explicit offer there indulge in these drinking sprees without realizing the consequences involved.

Unlike active peer pressure, passive pressure does not involve an adolescent being issued with an explicit offer but rather it largely depend on the teens desire to fit in and adopting the morals and practices being carried out by his fellow teens. The phrase “everyone is doing it, why not me” can be used to effectively describe what passive pressure refers to. Passive pressure can be divided to social modeling in the consumption of alcohol and perceptions that emerges from these excessive drinking. Research indicates that peer pressure affects male students as compared to their female counterparts , it also go ahead in indicating that  it is considered to poses a 78.2% in the reasons as to why teenagers engages in excessive alcohol consumption (Warner, 60).

Parties in both the campus and residential home. Ham & Hope (750) point out that it is very evident that the culture of most college students revolves around holding parties and having fun. Colleges’ students often hold parties in the absence of their parents, this largely contribute to their great involvement in excessive drinking whereby they tend to consume what they see their parents consuming.  For the most students who live off campus they tend to hold house parties where friends are able to gain access to alcohol as compared to the rate they would have gain access in bars and restaurants.

Other than home parties, many campuses have on-campus pubs and restaurant where parties are held. In these restaurants people came together and forms groups called fraternity. These groups are associated with excessive consumption of alcohol within the campus. Due to the fame associated to these groups, more youth tend to join them for recognition where later they engage in excessive drinking.

Expectancies. It is very important that adolescents and teenage are very curious and they tend to think that they are already mature. Due to the fact that most of parents have a tendency of drinking in the presence of their children, this teenagers expects that excessive alcohol consumption causes pleasurable moments in life.  It is due to this are college students engaging in excessive drinking so as to obtain pleasurable moments away from their usual books and constant reading (CASE, 1).

Buy custom Alcohol Drinking among College Students essay

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