Custom «The Good Life» Essay Paper

Custom «The Good Life» Essay Paper

All people want to have a good life. However, different people perceive good life differently. For some, good life means having material wealth, while for others it is related to virtue and morality. Achieving the state of good life is based on actions, which people take in order to improve the way they live.

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I was always striving to have a good, virtuous life. The person has to act prudently and wisely, and to constantly work on oneself, in order to learn the truth about what virtue and prudence is (Plato 92). While trying to understand what prudence and virtue is, I tried to make all my actions more virtuous, and thus, to make myself more virtuous. For 24 hours in a row, I was thinking about everything, which I was doing, from the virtuous point of view. When I was taking a shower, I asked myself, whether I was doing the best possible thing in the best possible way. I was also thinking whether I was doing this thing in the best possible time, in order to live the best life I could. The answer was that taking a shower was the best possible thing, which I could do in the early morning; however, the way I was doing it was not the best, because I was wasting to much clean water. Thus, in the future I will use less water during the shower, in order to save this water for other people.

When I decided to go for a walk, I asked myself, if that ws the best thing I could do at that moment. The answer was ‘no’, because I had not done my homework yet, so I decided to stay home and study. I asked myself, if I was studying in the best possible way, the answer was ‘no’, because the TV was on. I turned off the TV, and continued to study more effectively. I asked myself, if I was doing it in the right time, the answer was ‘no’, because I should have started studying earlier. Till the end of the day I studied, and tried to do it in the best way. Thus, that day I did everything I could to have the good life.

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However, sometimes, it is hard to understand how to act virtuously (Klein 65). For example, my friend got pregnant, and was trying to hide this information from her mother. I thought that it was not my responsibility to tell her mother about it, however helping my friend to hide this information was also not the best choice. In my opinion, it is better to solve the problems than to hide them. Thus, I decided to talk to my friend, and convinced her to tell her mother everything, and to discuss this situation with her.

I always try to learn from my mistakes, and from mistakes of people, who surround me. I always try to take something for my personal growth from the ideas of other people. If I think that the way the person acts is right, then I try to follow this way. If I think that thhe way the person behaves is wrong, then I try to show this person what mistakes I think he/she makes, and to avoid these mistakes in my own life. For example, one of my friends thinks that good life is to have a lot of money, and to date celebrities. I do not agree with her, so I try to convince her that money and fame are not that important.

I agree with Plato that happiness is a crucial element in achieving a good life (Russell 105). I also agree that everyone can achieve the state of happiness (Riel, 57). In order to do this, the person must work on one’s personality. During these 24 hours, I noticed several faults in the way I live. For example, I was wasting too much time by being lazy. I was also wasting food, because I was eating a bit too much. Thus, I decided, that in the future I will be more active, will eat less, and will constantly ask myself, what thing of every possible thing, which I could be doing, I should do at the moment in order to make my life the best I can, and to make myself the happiest person I can be.

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To conclude, after taking into considerations the lessons which I learned, I changed the way I see good life. My new goal is to always be active, feel happy, and to have everything I need. I can be completely happy only when I truly understand what virtue is. Thus, I must keep trying to learn how to live more prudently and virtuously.

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