Custom «Self-Assessment Portfolio» Essay Paper

Custom «Self-Assessment Portfolio» Essay Paper




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Self-assessment helps an individual to evaluate his/her achievements in a given period. To write this portfolio, I did five tests: personality, motivation, team player, communication and leadership ones. Particular attributes of people define what they can do best and how they handle issues. In this self-assessment portfolio, I reflected the results obtained from assessment tests and evaluate how the results will apply in my business career.

Results of the first test show that I have an ESTJ personality. It means that I am an extroverted person with honesty and good administrative skills. By being an extrovert, I am able to communicate with other people and learn from them. Social skills help a lot in business management since a person can interact with all the stakeholders of an organization. By interplaying with customers one can identify problems as soon as they happen. My personality proves that I am an assertive person when it comes to making decisions. This quality means that I am confident of actions that I take (“ESTJ personality,” n.d.).

I want to be successful in business management in the future. Being in business requires one to be persistent and make wise decisions. Assertiveness also helps an individual to be a good leader. My personality results also show that while making judgment I would think critically to arrive at the solution rather than consider my emotions and feeling. One should always separate personal feelings from activities of the business. Emotions can cause wrong decisions and choices, thus they should take less consideration.

The second test was the motivation one which shows that I am basically motivated by three main attributes: teamwork, autonomy and mastery (“Motivational test,” n.d.). I like to wor as a team player, and understand that the energy created within a group of people is crucial. In business such quality provides a channel of sharing ideas. The team gives a wide range of alternatives when solving a problem, and thus it helps the leaders in coming up with the most appropriate solution. Team-oriented managers win the loyalty of their employees, and, therefore, they are getting motivated to work harder. Therefore, being a team player will help me in my career as a businessman. I am a person who is motivated by challenging situations. They improve my mastery and help me to be knowledgeable in a certain field. I take advantage of working in a challenging environment thus it help me to enhance my skills and professional competence. I am proud of completing demanding and complicated task. By having such a quality, I can manage a business in a competitive environment.

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The third test was on communication style. According to its results I am aggressive and assertive in intercourse. I express my needs and ideas directly. This quality shows that I understand myself perfectly, and always know what I want. Being assertive means, I consider others while expressing a point of view by critically analyzing the importance of their opinion. With this type of intercourse any party can win; it is not necessary that people should follow my opinions at all times. Effective communication in business helps to build a strong partnership that is key to success of any company. Timely intercourse helps management to solve issues on time. Wherever there is effective communication there is good flow of information that integrates the organization and enables it to run efficiently (“Communication style test,” n.d.).

The fourth test was a team-player one. It showed that I like working as a team because I understand that this helps in sharing ideas. While working in a team I listen to others but also want the same to be done in response. I always respect oopinions of every individual in a group and take advantage of learning from them. I am patient, kind and very responsible. I always take my time to ensure that everyone is doing well and help those who remain behind. Teamwork increases creativity in the workplace, it improves the quality and establishes a healthy relationship between employees and management. A group works more quickly rather than individuals. In business environment there are activities that require people to work alone, but most of the projects perform better n case of group work. (“Are you a team player?,” n.d.).

The last test was on leadership. The results describe me as an ambassador, creative builder, truth-seeker, people mover and an advocate. As an ambassador, I can handle a lot of situations with patience and grace. As an advocate, I can represent a group of individuals and be their spokesman. As a people mover, I can motivate workers and build a team of hardworking employees. I am a leader who seeks the truth before making judgments. Being fair in judgment will help me while evaluating employees' actions. It is always important to understand individual’s background and personality before judging their actions (Galford & Maruca, n.d.).

Thus, self-assessment portfolio has helped me to understand my position in terms of leadership, communication, teamwork, motivation and personality. My results show that I am on the right track of becoming a successful businessman in the future. With the above mentioned leadership skill, I can manage a corporation that is diverse in terms of production and human resource. I am a self-motivated person who is capable of stimulating others during the business process. I can also work well in a team and help to build good working relationships among individuals. Being an extroverted person helps an individual in socializing and learning from others (Reddy & Appannaiah, 2010).

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