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Who Owns Knowledge

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The issue of bringing traditional cures to the market in industrialized nations is a very complex. This is because it has serious challenges as well as enormous benefits. The serious issue is that the traditional medicines seems to work but for these products to be brought to the market they must undergo an extensive research and testing. This brings serious concerns on who should bear the liability should these products have adverse reactions. This has put a hindrance on the very useful indigenous knowledge of the traditional cures.

The issues of traditional cures should be addressed by the modern chemical world. A way should be found in which these traditional knowledge of traditional cures should be incorporated in the market.  Modern corporations should undertake an intensive research of these traditional medicines and come up with a product that meets the current standards in the medical world. These would have taken into account the issue of research and the liability of the products.

The greatest challenge would be how these corporations should pay royalties. The knowledge on traditional cures has been passed down many generations and the issue of who exactly invented or who owns the knowledge is very hard to solve. The knowledge is seen to be own by the community that uses it because it is seen that the people who administers the medicines have been entrusted that responsibility by the community and performs that duty as a responsibility to the whole community.

Since the knowledge of the traditional medicines is seen as the communities, then the royalties should be paid to the community.  The challenge however is how these royalties should be paid to the community. Royalties must be paid y these corporations to the community since it own the knowledge of traditional cures.     These royalties should benefit the community directly hence community and the parties involved should find a way of settlement.

The most appropriate way of settling the royalty is to the entire village of the shamans. This is because the responsibility of the traditional cures lies with the whole community and not to the shamans as individuals. If these royalties are paid to the nations in which the nations reside then there is no guarantee that the local shamans will benefit.

In the event of a lawsuit, all the parties involved should share in the risks, however the risks should be to the extend to which the involved parties contributes to the details of the lawsuit. If the corporations take full responsibility of the research and test then it should bear the risks alone. The government on the other hand must formulate laws to protect both these corporations and the shamans’ communities.

The knowledge of traditional medicines is very important and if taken seriously can bring a lot of benefits to all the parties involved, individuals, community, corporations, as well as the government. This knowledge should therefore be preserved.

Buy custom Who Owns Knowledge essay

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