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Treatment for Tinea Versicolor

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Tinae versicolor is a relapsing fungal skin disease caused by the Malessezia furfur. It affects the adolescents mostly with a high prevalence rate in the young g adults than the elderly. It is characterized by small patches in the skin around the chin chest and neck. The spots can change color to lighter or darker relative to the patient.

The fungal that causes tinae versicolor is already a common organism in the skin surface of   normal adults and it thrives in the humid environment. The infection is however not contagious. The infection is said to opportunistic and its occurrence is triggered by hormonal or immune system of the individual patient other than the external factors.


Treatment of the tinea versicolor is more dependent on the color of the patches on the skin of patients. Although the lighter patches take averagely long period of time to completely heal but they don’t leave any permanents marks on the skin .the darker spots get removed slightly faster. Although there are several options for treatment of the infection but the first one to be opted for is the application of topical cream on the affected skin area, or on the patches.

The topical solutions in the cream contain antifungal agents applied directly to the patches of the infected skin area. The most popular creams that have been tested and their efficiency found to be working include: terbinafine, ketoconazole also called selsum blue, clotrimoxazole and miconazole.these agents take up to weeks to cure the patches. In cases where the area to be applied is too big the medical doctor prefer administering the intra venous injection of the anti-fungal element into the blood system.

Terbanifine is treatment of choice based on the fact that clinical trials on the fungal elements on the hair of cats and its distribution in the plasma and hair where it has proved efficiency (Kresken, 2002). The reliability and productivity of the drug has proved the drug to effective and it has a low detection dose.

Buy custom Treatment for Tinea Versicolor essay

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