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Sociopaths or psychopaths is a term used to describe individuals who lack conscience or feeling for others and does not consider social rules to have any meaning. It is very probable that at one time or the other we come across sociopathic individuals without knowing it, since they cover a much broader spectrum than we would imagine. They are social predators and they manipulate, charm, and ruthlessly work their way through life (Patrick, 2006). Psychopaths never have any sense of guilt or regret, regardless of the fact that they leave behind shattered expectations and a broad trail of broken hearts on bewildered victims who are left wondering what kind of people psychopaths really are.

Psychopaths are morally depraved individuals who commit planed, purposeful and emotionless violence. When these persons are 50 years of age, the violence is at a plateau then it tampers off. They reflect a detached, fearless, dissociated state, revealing a low-state automatic nervous system and lack of anxiety due to lack of emotions. Their most probable motivator is control and dominance as have no strong bonds with or much rhyme to their reason with others

             Many are times psychopaths are thought to be the disturbed criminals who are on headlines and are crowded in a nation’s prison. However, this is not always the case as they might be individuals who live in supreme self confidence but lack conscience since not all psychopaths are killers. Due to this lack of conscience it is thus evident that psychopaths are likely to engage in criminal behavior (Cooke, 2001).   

            Psychopaths are influenced to commit a crime by several factors. Lack of guilt, shame and a combination of a tendency for impulsive risk-taking can lead to a criminal career or a business one depending on the circumstances. Their conquest is based on manipulation and lying. A debate concerning this issue has been provoked on whether the phenomenon is just an aberration or whether it is favored by natural selection especially when it is found rare in a given population. Prisons are perfect places to keep psychopathic individuals in order to protect ourselves, otherwise without them; even crime is the preferred remedy of safeguarding ourselves.

            The factors that would reduce the likelihood of a psychopathic engaging in criminal behaviors is by firm refusal of having a nervous breakdown anytime they deny reality or claim that we are suffering from delusions and that we are not mentally stable (Hill et al, 2004).  Victims should also learn to have a good memory as opposed to the psychopaths selective memories which only allow them remember things that only suit their purpose. This way we will challenge their wits and make them reluctant in committing their evil acts whenever persons that challenged them are concerned. The other most convenient tool of curbing criminal acts by psychopaths is by avoiding them especially if you suspect what they are.

               In a biological point of view, it affects both sexes although similar to color blindness biologically. Psychologically, a deficit picture is seen among men only, since it is toned down among women by an effect of a second normal allele. The condition is inherited through a semi-dominating gene via the X chromosome (Patrick, 2006). Psychopaths can be appropriately discussed under the psychological theory. This is mostly due to the lack of conscience and the fact that not all psychopaths have inherited the trait.

            Whether or not psychopathic character is as a result of brain disorganization or dysfunction, abnormal cerebral asymmetry, or general difficulties in information processing or simply psychological effects, it is a vice the needs to be curbed. Psychopath pulls down development and breaks decent families. It is a social setback that needs to be dealt with using all available suitable means. The improving of boardrooms or prisons is among the best measures that curb this evil vice and need to be   upheld to have a better human environment.

Buy custom Psychopaths essay

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